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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

This morning Greg and I woke up and slowly got ready for the day. We didn’t do much last night for New Years Eve. We stayed in and drank Champagne and watched the countdown in New York.
The wild party animal that I am, I fell asleep around 10:50 and was woken up by Greg shaking my arm telling me it was almost midnight. I managed to mumble a few things, kiss Greg and go back to bed. HAPPY NEW YEARS!

After Greg and I got up and going this morning, we headed over to Davis sq to see his aunts and his cousin who was in town from NY. We decided to go for a hike in the Fells. These are hiking trails over in Medford which are well taken care of and a lot of fun.  We hiked for close to 2 hours and then headed back to his aunts house to hang out and talk. Hiking was really fun, and it was nice to finda new place to hike. We promised to go more often and to try and bring our snow shoes out this winter...if we ever get snow!

I had planned for a long run today but family was more important so my long run will wait until tomorrow. The weather was beautiful today, around 50 so the hike was good enough for me. Anything to get out in the unseasonably warm weather.

Greg and I headed to the grocery store before coming home and bought groceries for chili making tomorrow night and a few other random odds and ends.

Now we are watching Ratatouille and booking our flights/hotel with hotwire.com for our trip to DC in March for the Rock N Roll half that Matt and I are doing. Can’t wait!
I hope everyone had a wonderful start to 2012!

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