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Monday, July 23, 2012

So Excited

These last few weeks have been busy and tiring, but also extremely fun.

I celebrated a birthday! Hellooooo 25! It was a great day followed by a wonderful dinner celebration in NYC. Justines boyfriend planned a surprise dinner for us with about 20 close friends and family there to celebrate and eat delicious food. It was a great treat!

The following weekend I went home to Boston where I celebrated my birthday with Greg. We went to Gloucester where I went on my first ever “long” bike ride. It was only 8 miles, but it was the longest run I’ve ever taken on my road bike. I loved it. I want to bike more ASAP!

Greg is really into road biking, and although I have ZERO desire to ever do anything close to a century ride, I would like to get into longer bikes rides with him. Maybe I’ll cap my rides at 20-25 miles. That seems reasonable to me.

This past weekend I was home in Boston and Greg and I visited with his family who was also in Boston for the weekend. It was fun and we had great weather the entire weekend.

I managed to get a 4 mile run inw hile I was home, but didn’t have time for much more. This week I am going to be increasing my weekday runs. The furthest weekday run Ive done since being in CT for the summer has been 5.5 miles. This week my goal is 7 miles.  I’m slowly but surely getting my milage back up, its just difficult when we have to be at work by 8:30am and we live 45 min away from where we work. ( remember I am working at the private school my sister works at for the summer).

I’m off to go grocery shopping - I know, I know, what a wild Monday night huh? I also have some fun race events/news coming up! Cant wait ti write a post all about it tomorrow!

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