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Friday, December 30, 2011

Alright 2012, lets make some goals.

I didn’t really make New Years resolutions or goals for 2011, however I did accomplish many wonderful things.

I PRd in the Hartford Half Marathon in Oct. 1:53
My sisters boyfriend and I!   

I traveled to Chicago to run and to see my wonderful old college roommate

I went to VEGAS! Vegas baby! As well as the Hoover Damn and Fire Valley

I raised almost 1,000 dollars for the Childrens Hospital at Dartmouth for a race I didn’t get to run due to Hurricane Irene. ( still happy I raised so much though!!) 
Across from my house. Grafton didn't fair so well in the Hurricane.

I applied to grad schools

I took the GREs. Yuck.

I ran. A lot. I want to run more.

I went to Maine on vacation with Greg.
I paid 5 dollars to ride an elevator to the top of this bridge...then chickend out and made Greg go alone. Sorry Greg.
Gregs families farm in Maine. I love it here.

Overall, 2011 was a success. I learned a lot about myself and about others.
This year I want to make some goals.

*Run at least 4 half marathons.  Different states would be preferable.
*Try to beat my half PR
*Get used to running with fuel. Gels, beans, candy, whatever I can manage.

*Get into grad school. Please and thank you!
*Travel to the west coast
*Try oatmeal for breakfast more often. On that note, get more creative with my breakfast in general.
*Dominate Physics 2. Last required class needed for PT school.
*Procrastinate less. Instead of just making lists, I need to cross things off ASAP
*Blog more regularly. I really really want to make this happen. I enjoy writing, I just tend to put it low on my priority list which means I don’t blog daily. I am going to make every effort to be more consistent.
 * Drink more water. This I really really need to work on. Tea and Coffee don’t count.
*Return my library books on time! It’s only 10 cents per day they are late, but I tend to owe them 70-90 cents every time I go. Oops.

I’m loving all of these goals. Some may come true, others may not. Either way, I do better with goals. I like to push myself (I.E the PR and the physics class) and work with something to look forward too.
Happy New Years Eve eve.

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