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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Foodball Sunday

Today went by much to fast.

First off, here is a picture of the wonderful pizza Greg made last night! It had mozzarella, sauteed spinch with onions, tomatoes and feta cheese. It was delicious! We ate almost the entire thing. Matt had once piece, and there are 2 left over. Not to shabby!

This morning after we got up and lounged around a bit, Greg and I headed to Market Basket. We needed to get a few things for our football gathering at 3. Yay Patriots! 

We also bought ingredients for beef stew and for dinner tomorrow night. Greg made the beef stew during the game and we each had a bit for dinner. We were pretty stuffed from the cut up veggies, chips, and dips during the game, but we will happily be eating beef stew for the next few days!

After the grocery store Matt and Greg went to the gym and I headed off on a cold 7 mile run! I ran to central and ran 5 with Stacy and then the last mile home. It was cold and at some point pretty slippery, but we ran all around BU and Beacon street which was fun.

Tomorrow starts marathon training. I’ll post more on this tomorrow.

It’s a short post today, I need to get to bed!! Early clients tomorrow morning.
Happy football day….I mean Sunday!

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