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Friday, January 13, 2012

Cookies, pizza, and running. Perfect combo!

Happy Friday everyone!!

I hope you all had a wonderful day!

For me this Friday was filled with fun, productivity, running, and relaxation.

I got in an early morning gym session this am with Stacy before I had a few clients. My first client of the day is training for his first road race which I hope will be a 5k sometime in Feb. I was looking into the Freedom Trail Runs that happen every weekend in Boston. I am really excited for him and he has been wonderful to work with because of how motivated he is!

After a few more clients I headed home to get some paperwork taken care of and to find a new doctor. Every time in the past year that I have gone to the doctors I have found out that my doctor had left the practice. This happened to me twice in one year. Not completely impressed, so I spent this morning researching doctors and I think I finally found one. Now I wont have to worry if I get a sore throat or ear infection that I will get to the office and not have a doctor. Success.

After this I headed out for a run. A short 3 miles, but it was fast, around 8:50-8:40 per mile and the weather was beautiful. It was about 50 degrees outside and I ran in a T shirt for the first time in months. I managed to get my run in just before the wind picked up and the temp started to drop.

I had another client at 1pm and then work til 6. After work I picked up a small pizza I had placed an order for and headed home. I ordered a small pomodoro pizza which was red sauce with mozerella, and I added spinach and broccoli to it.

After 2 slices I ate an apple and then started to get things together to make some chocolate chip cookies.
Matt bought a new mixer a month or so ago so I plugged it in and got to bakin! Yummm.

In between cookie batches I ordered vitamins online. Its been a great productive Friday.

Greg is still in Utah but he comes back Sunday so I wont have to miss him for too many more days. Sappy I know… haha

Have a fun, and safe night everyone!

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