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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sushi and Big Bird

Yesterday was busy in a good way! I was pretty sore from Monday so I didn’t bother working out in the gym or even trying to. I had an early morning client and then had a long meeting with my boss at the gym. Nothing in particular to talk about, he just likes to talk. A lot. More than anyone I have ever met.

I headed out for a short 3.5 mile slow run with Stacy at 12. I was really sore and didn’t have the energy for a fast run. It was nice to get out and about though and to chat and get some fresh air.

After our run I worked until 6 and had made plans to meet up with Greg for a Sushi date. We headed over to Ginger Exchange in Inman sq for a nice relaxing dinner.

We don’t often go out during the week. We try really hard to plan our weekly meals out and get the groceries for them on Sunday when we go shopping. This week was a little different since Greg was headed out on a ski/snowboard trip with his dad this morning until Sunday.

I took Greg to the airport around 5am this morning. He is headed out to Snow Bird in Utah. I continued to forget where he was going however, and every time someone asked I said Big Bird. I know this is incorrect and I am sure I sounded very dumb when I said it but it was the only thing I could think of. I think I was trying to combine Big Sky and Snow Bird. I realize one is in Utah the other in Montana but it’s all I could manage when people asked. Greg has since told me many many times that he is in Snow Bird. What a great girlfriend I am huh?

I swear I listen when he talks, I just could never come up with the name. I think Big Bird sounds funny anyhow so I may continue to say it just because it makes me laugh.

Hope everyone is having a nice night.

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