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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Best 6 dollars I’ve ever spent.

Hi everyone.

It’s been busy around here in Somerville this week.

Friday night after I got out of work around 6 Greg and I headed into Kendall to Meadhall for a birthday party for some of our friends. They had reserved a space in the upstairs portion for their party from 5:30-7:30. It was a lot of fun. Nice people to talk to and plenty of snacks and appetizers. We stayed until 9:30 or so even though they took the “reserved” rope down at 7:30 no one seemed to notice or care and we continued talking and drinking.

Over the weekend my parents and my sister came into town. They arrived Sat mid day and stayed until Sunday mid day. It was great to have them here. We did A LOT of walking and eating. Since the Red Line is closed on the weekends from Harvard to Alewife they run shuttle busses, but they are slow and unpredictable and who wants to sit in a bus for long stretches when it’s 60 degrees outside? Not us! We walked everywhere which was great since by Sunday I hadn’t ran since Wed.

We took a quick trip into Davis sq to get some lunch, and then stopped at China Fair in Porter on the way home. They have really cheap glasses and bowls (mostly white and blue) and a bunch of other odds and ends. I picked up a big red bowl for 4 dollars and some napkins. I decided the big red bowl would be a perfect bread making bowl, so I made some Sunday night.

After our trip to Davis I went into downtown Boston with my mom, sister, and my brothers girlfriend to shop around a bit. We didn’t find too much, but it was nice to be about and about since it was around 6:30pm and the weather was still nice.

Once we got home we feasted on ordered Thai food from Thai Hunt which is down the street and then all fell into a food coma and went to bed.

Sunday we woke up and ate some breakfast before heading into Harvard sq to walk around a bit more. It was definitely colder on Sunday!!

Sad to see my parents and sister go, but its always fun to have them here!
Yesterday was a crazy day! I had a few clients in the early morning, came home and ran with Greg for a fast mile and then headed back to work. I had another client and then headed home to get a few odds and ends done. Matt was home sick yesterday ( and today too I think) so I chatted with him while I made lists and organized things.

At 12 I headed into Central for a run with Stacy which was great since we hadn’t ran together in about a week and we had a lot to catch up on! By the time I got home, I had run around 6.3 miles total. Not to shabby and I felt great.

I went  to work from 2:30 until 6 and then headed back over to the gym to teach a 45 min spin class I agreed to sub last week. It was a fun class and it was packed! Right after spin class I learned that the women who was supposed to teach the total body conditioning class at 7:30 wasn’t feeling well so they asked if I could teach it. Reluctantly I agreed even though I was exhausted!

I taught the 55 min class and then NEEDED food. I was starving and my body was tired. I called Greg and then I did something I have never done before. I walked outside of the gym and took a cab home. It’s only about a mile and a half from the gym to our apartment but I didn’t have my bike and I didn’t want to run or walk home. Let me tell you, best 6 dollars I have ever spent. Or at least best 6 spend on something other than food.  After an hour of running, 45 min or spin, and 55 min of total body conditioning I was spent.

I came home and Greg had cooked dinner. It was delicious. Some pork stir fry thing. I ate a lot of it, drank a beer and plopped down on the couch.
 Bring on the day today!! I am sore, but feeling good. Lets see what Tuesday has to offer.

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