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Monday, November 7, 2011

New favorite place!

Happy Monday!!
Yesterday was one of those fall days where you just have to get outside and enjoy it! Usually my favorite place in Boston during the fall is the esplanade. Fancy term for tree and grass lined bike path along the Charles River. Needless to say its beautiful this time of year!

Yesterday sparked a new love and a new favorite place. Blue Hills. This is a hiking spot in Milton Ma only about 20 min outside of the city. There are lots and lots of trails ranging in length and difficulty. We chose a 3 mile loop which was said to be "challenging" but popular. Greg, our roommate Matt and I all went. It was a blast. Pictures to come tomorrow, no time today. Beautiful foliage and tons of other hikers, runners, and kids. Beautiful Sunday!

We capped off the day with my brothers girlfriend coming over and making us Korean BBQ! It was awesome. There is always something nice about trying a new dish, in the comfort of your own kitchen! She provided the meat, we provided the rice and desert! Yum. I bought vegan cookies because they were the only kind at the store when I went. I completely understand why people go vegan and respect them for doing so, however, our cookies were not very tasty and we ended up snacking on baby carrots after dinner. Nutritious and delicious!

This morning Greg and I started on a new routine! I asked him last week if he might start running with m on Monday and Wednesday mornings when he goes into work late anyways. He is a faster runner than I am, but he's just getting back into it. We settled on 1-2 miles twice a week. Monday we go at my pace ( around 8:50s so we can chat) and Wed we go at his pace ( prob much faster). I am excited to say it was a great run this morning. It's nice to have a little extra time together when we both are pretty busy. We can run and chat about the day and we both feel better at the end. I figured this might encourage me to do more "speedwork" on Wednesday. Maybe just no talking while I run?

Off to a busy day ahead, enjoy your Monday everyone!

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