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Monday, November 19, 2012


Hi everyone,
I know I promised a post about celiac and my gluten free life as I’ve learned more these past 3 weeks, but today I wanted to touch on something much more personal and dear to my heart.

I had a lot of friends over the weekend run the Philly marathon, or half marathon. I read their facebook updates, or blog posts for months in anticipation of Sunday when they would run their hearts out and see what they were made of. I spent all morning yesterday tracking my friends running the marathon and waiting for facebook updates. I was completely absorbed in their races, and they experiences. 

Later in the day I headed out for a run. I was (and still am) sick with a cold but I knew I needed to get out and run, especially after taking Saturday off. While running my legs felt great and my breathing was easy. I finished up 6 miles in 51 minutes and felt amazing. 

During my run I just kept thinking of all of the runners I knew and the races I have done. I thought about the highs from getting a PR, especially in my case, a PR that came from nowhere, to the lows when your race is just plain hard. I thought about the mental aspect of running, and then how running really does open up doors to new friendships and experiences.

I am thankful to be a runner. I am thankful I can run, and most days I can do so easily. I know that not everyone has this opportunity, and not everyone wants to be a runner. But through running I have learned so much about myself. I am stronger than I ever imagined, and I have created long lasting friendships and relationships with people who I am proud to call running friends.

I am so proud of all of my friends who have recently ran races, or who are planning to run one in the future. No matter how the race or run goes, getting out there is something to be immensely proud of.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A little rest, and some exciting news

Hey everyone,

I believe I left off on Tuesday trying to make you all believe that I was going to go for some glorious long run Wed morning in the early hours of the am.

Well, I woke up, I got ready, I headed out the door, and I ran aprox .3 miles around our block before I came home and called it a day. I am currently battling a cold, and Wednesday morning my body was not in the least bit interested in cooperating with my desire to run. My nose was running and my eyes were watering and I figured it wasn't going to be an enjoyable run so I might as well call it a rest day. Love my logic on this one, cause ya know...all runs are amazing ( not)

Instead I walked the 3 miles to a training I had to attend for work. That was plenty of fresh air and exercise for me for the day.

Greg and I made an awesome GLUTEN FREE dinner Wednesday night!! We made a big fratata with broccoli raube and a salad. It was delicious!! I will post the recipe soon! It was so simple and filling. No butter, or eggs added and it didn't need them!!

- My next post will include my adventures so far with Celiacs Disease and going Gluten Free.

Thursday I taught spin and sucked it up ( stupid cold)  enough to do some speed intervals on the treadmill after. I always do my speed work on Tue and Thurs after I teach spin. I know that realistically its not smart to work on speed after teaching spin for 45 min, but its so easy to do since I can just hop on the treadmill and bust it out without having to make an extra trip to the gym later in the week.

Yesterday I didn't have to work, so i ran a bunch of errands and busted out a long run including 4 miles with Stacy during her lunch. I'm still fighting a cold, but I'm drinking lots of tea and eating Clementine's like they are going out of style so I hope it helps soon!

The exciting news is that a bunch of my friends and I have come together and entered the lottery for the NWM half marathon in D.C My sister entered too!!!!! This will be her first half marathon and I so hope we get in!! There are some amazing women and great friends who have all joined to enter this race as a big group. It will be so much fun if we get in! Cross your fingers for us!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

8pm Bedtime

Happy Tuesday everyone!! It was a busy one around here, I taught spin this am at 6:30 ( class was awesome) and then worked 8:30-6:30. ugh.  Thank goodness I don't ave to do these long days very often.

I am currently planning out my winter/spring running schedule and I must say its looking pretty fun!! My running friend Stacy and I are thinking about doing the Disney Princess half marathon, and I am also looking at doing a race somewhere in Feb and Jan. As for Dec, I just have a few 5ks lined up, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested in other longer options! Anyone have some suggestions?

This 8pm bedtime is (surprisingly) not mine... its Gregs. He conked out about 45 min ago, and I don't see him rallying anytime soon. I'm exhausted, but more physically and mentally than really tired and ready for bed. I'm going to try to head to bed soon though, my goal is to get up early tomorrow am for a longer run before work at 8:30. The reality of this will be determined tomorrow am when its cold and dark when I wake up.

How was your Tuesday? Any fun runs planned??

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Beautiful November weekend

Hey everyone,

This weekend was a blast. Friday I headed down to see my amazing sister and her boyfriend in CT. We had very little planned, and just spent the day and night talking, making dinner, and relaxing. My sister just moved into a beautiful new apartment. Its huge compared to their last place, and I fell in love with it instantly!!

After I got home yesterday afternoon, I ran a few errands, and ended up back on our couch completely wiped out by 6:30pm. I learned it tough when you have new diet restrictions, and no food in the house. Greg had eaten a huge lunch while I was driving back from CT so he wasn't hungry when dinner time rolled around. He came up with a bunch of suggestions and offered to go out to dinner knowing that I had to find gluten-free options. Any reasonable girl would have loved that her boyfriend was going to all of this effort to feed her, I was not that reasonable girl. I was hungry, I was tired, and I was annoyed that I had to pay attention to a menu for more than 5 seconds to find something to eat. I chose to make a grilled cheese on Udis bread ( awesome for all of you gluten-free lovers out there)  and a banana cut up with peanut butter. It wasn't fancy, but it did make me feel better.

We watched Clue the movie before I headed to bed early.

This morning I woke up and embraced the warmer weather ( 49 when I left the house) and headed out on a long run with Stacy. 8 miles later I made it home. Our run felt great, and we explored a part of the bike path in Arlington I had never been on.

After our run, I got ready and headed out to brunch with Greg, Matt and some friends. I knew I couldn't have the potatoes or the bread that came with my omelet so I ordered greek yogurt with granola to go with it. Unfortunately for me, I forgot that granola is not gluten-free. Darn. I remembered about half way though and decided to call it a wash and finish it. Baby steps....baby steps.

Now we are relaxing before heading out to see Skyfall. Has anyone else seen it? Loved it? Liked it?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lets get caught up

Hi everyone,

I know its been a few months since I blogged. I took some time to get my running back in order, and to get my health back in order as well. I'm sure not all of you wanted to read about my Doctor appointments and blood draws and my minimal running here and there, so I took some time away.

Lets get caught up shall we?

I am back to running and enjoying every step. I've ran a few races in the past few months including a couple 5ks and a half marathon last month. The half was nothing spectacular, I hadn't really trained, and busted through 13.1 miles in Swanzy NH with my great running friend Stacy.

I have finally solved ( i think/hope) all of my anemia issues. It turns out I have Celiacs Disease. This was a surprise but it makes sense with my unexplained anemia. Going gluten free has been tough. I would be lieing if I said I have embraced the concept with open arms. I have had my fair share of tears, and tantrums as I have tried to figure out what has gluten in it and what things I can substitute my previous carb heavy diet for. I will be sure to get more in depth with this soon, but for now, I would welcome any and ALL helpful suggestions or recipes!!

On a side note, I just signed up for this awesome cause - Huricane Sandy Recovery Its a virtual race for a 10 dollar donation. I can't wait to get out there and race this month! I just also signed up for Wolf Hollow Half Marathon . It should be chilly, but a ton of fun!!

Happy running!