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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ski and snowboard madness.

Yesterday I managed to bust out a 5 mile run, nice and slow. I enjoyed running along mass ave .The colors were beautiful and the weather was great. After my run, I ran a few errands and then got to work on a few more grad school essays.  

Once dinner time rolled around we realized we have very little food in our house. No food to make any meal with, breakfast, lunch or dinner. I guess we’ve been busy this week. We opted for a trip to Oleceto for take- out burritos and tacos. I ordered a teak taco and a chicken salad. Unfortunately I ended up getting steak on my salad as well. Oh well, I never eat red meat so I guess last night was my night.

The highlight of the nice was discovering that in honor of 11-11-11 that Rock N Roll marathon series was offering a discount on their races from 11am until 11pm. I signed up for the DC race in March, and probably would have signed up or more had I not fallen asleep. Oops. Surprise though, guess who else signed up?? My roommate Matt!! I’m super excited and really proud of him!

Today Greg and I headed off to the Ski and Snowboard expo  down at the seaport. It was super bsy. We walked around and filled out tons of raffles. Free trip to Utah anyone? I secretly hope that I win something. I’ve never won anything cool. Once in middle school I won potting soil from Agway fro my mom, but I’m not sure that counts. A nice week long trip to Utah or Colorado might be just what I need after all of these grad school applications. Please Ski and Snowboard people, if you are reading this, look for ALEXANDRA or GREGORY!! I would love it.

After a few hours of looking around the expo, and lots and lots of walking it was time for lunch down by Faneuil Hall. Late lunch included a great cup of chowda and a sandwich for each of us. I even ordered a Magners. Day drinking… who am I??  Can’t complain, the lunch was good and the company was great as well! This evening has been a great combination of relaxation and productivity. Laundry – done. Room organized – done.  Carb loading in prep for my morning long run with Stacy –done.  All in all, great Sat night. Now it’s time to watch a movie and fall asleep.

Happy Saturday everyone!   

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