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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wind chill stinks!

Yesterday was a pretty great day! I only had one morning client so I had my client and then got down to business for the day.

I ran a bunch of errands, including to the library to return books. I’m trying to make good on my resolution to not owe the library too much money this year.

I did laundry and made chili for Greg and I for dinner. I made turkey chili, slow simmering it for a few hours to really develop the flavors. I didn’t use any recipe, because I tend to think chili is always different anyhow. I used black beans, kidney beans and cannellie beans. I used a big can of diced tomatoes, a little tomato sauce, and a bunch of spices. It was really good and slightly spicy.

Around 5 I headed out the door to meet Stacy for a run before Spin. I used one of my new light up balls from Gregs aunt and uncle because it was getting dark. It was really cool. It changes colors instead of blinks so I don’t give any drivers seizures. I clipped it onto the back of my running shirt and off I went.

After 4.7 miles, 3 of which were with Stacy we made it into Central for Spin. I was subbing the class and I managed to convince my other friend Kathy to meet us at the gym and spin too! It was a great class. Good energy, and a few funny moments. Has anyone else ever been to, or taught a class where someone sang OUT LOUD to a Brittney Spears song when it came on during part of the workout? I have – it was last night.

After finally getting home I chowed down on some Chili with Greg and relaxed for the night. 

This morning I had a bunch of clients and then around 11:50 decided it was time to try a run. Brrrrr. It was around 23-25 degrees out but weather.com said it felt like 16. I would believe it! It was pretty chilly. I ran towards the Charles first and contemplated quitting because it was cold and I was totally dragging due to the wind. After the first mile I turned around and continued my run in and around Central sq. I managed to cover 4 very cold and windy miles. Avg pace around 8:55. Totally fine given how slow my first mile was. Wind chill is no laughing matter. Lesson learned.

Greg is now making a dinner of salmon, rice, and veggies and then we might go into Davis sq to see his mom who is in town and his aunt.
Happy Tuesday everyone.

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