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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Foxtrot shoes and Salsa pants!

Sorry I’ve been MIA the holiday was a busy one and I’m just now getting back into the groove of work and a regular schedule. Last Sat my mom, sister, and her boyfriend and I all went shopping at the outlets in Manchester, Vt. I am not a good shopper. I try, but I usually get tired or bored or hungry pretty quickly.
We spent a few hours shopping and I did end up with some great deals from Gap! Pea coat for 36 dollars? Yes please! Success
our dog on Thanksgiving!   

Sunday I headed out for a run since I hadn’t moved my body since Thursday. It felt great to run, and I covered a little over 5 miles. It was chilly, but I think my body got used to the colder weather pretty quickly. It gives me hope that this winter will be easy to deal with in terms of running!

After a 20 min photo shoot on Thanksgiving. We were trying to take a Christmas card pic.

Sunday we headed back home to Boston. Gregs sister came with us and stayed for a couple nights. It was great to have her here! One of her college friends lives nearby so we hosted her for dinner Sunday night and went out with them to the Miracle of Science in Cambridge Monday night. Good food, busy atmosphere. I had a chicken skewer and a veggie skewer. Both came with a warp and different side condiments. I say try it if you’re looking for an easy place to grab a burger or something on the lighter side. 

Yesterday was a busy day of work. I managed to squeeze in a 7 mile run. 4 of them with Stacy which felt great! Who knew I would be able to run the end of Nov in a tank top and capris. I was sweating pretty badly, so Global Warming- keep it up, the runners of the world like you!

Last night Greg and I FINALLY went dancing! Yes, dancing! I had asked Greg a few years ago for dance lessons for Valentines day. He found a groupon or buywithme a while ago for 5 dance lessons and scooped them up! Last night was our first lesson and I was SO MUCH FUN!!! We are learning the Salsa and foxtrot! Greg and I both commented that the salsa was a harder dance than we thought, but I have high hopes for us! 

We also said we might want to keep doing it beyond our 5 classes!! I can’t wait! Next class is Thurs so I’ll let you know how it goes. Currently Greg and I are working on not kicking each other ( more me than him) and transitioning from one step to the next.

Today is a busy day with clients, more grad applications and family dinner at our apartment tonight! Have a a great Wednesday!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Blah Friday

Today was the first time I’ve ever participated in Black Friday! I was rather underwhelmed. I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed? (10 think I hate about you anyone?)

I woke up this morning with every intention of going to for a run, but my bed was warm and it was about 23 degrees outside so my bed won. Woops. No run today. Instead, I ventured out with my mom and sister to do a little shopping. We went to Target and TJ Maxx. I must say I was disappointed. I can’t  say the sales were that great unless we wanted a T.V. We didn’t. 

After we picked a few things up we went and got lunch in downtown Keene NH and then headed home. As soon as I got home I unloaded a few things and hoped back in the car to go to Gregs parents house. They only live about 11 miles away. Greg and I actually knew each other in high school but didn't start dating until we were in college. I was in school in Ohio, he was in school in VT. I digress,  Gregs aunt and uncle were up visiting for the night and Gregs sister and her boyfriend were there as well. It was great to catch up, and I really love his family.

When I got home, we had Thanksgiving sandwiches for dinner (I mean, what's not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, good! ) and then sat down for a viewing of Shrek 3 and busted out a few loads of laundry. 

Now I’m off to bed since my sister and I have early morning haircuts and her boyfriend is driving up from CT tonight so I’ll be up again in 2.5 hours when he gets here! I love this time of year, family, food, and fun! Tomorrow is a day for haircuts, running, and maybe a little outlet shopping. Can't wait!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gobble gobble

Happy Thanksgiving!!

What a wonderful day it’s been!
Yesterday I worked in the morning and then ran a bunch of errands before getting ready to head home to VT!!!

My favorite errand was definitely to Mikes Pastry in the North end!! Mmmm cannoli’s. Thank you Mike, whoever you may be, I am thankful for you today! 

My brother and I both headed home to VT from Boston yesterday. We took the T to south station then took the Dartmouth Coach to Lebanon and then my mom and sister picked us up to head home! Whew! We headed for the T at 1 and we home by 5:45. Not too bad.

Today I was supposed to run a Turkey Trot in Brattleboro. I decided not to last night as it was going to take up too much time and we were planning on having Thanksgiving at our house with family friends around 12-1. The race was about an hour away and it started at 9. I wanted to be able to be home to help bake and watch the parade. Instead I headed out on my own 4 mile run with a few big hills thrown in! Success!
It’s fun to run at home after running in the city for so long. It’s nice not to have a stop light or much traffic to deal with. It is also much hillier, which is always a challenge I look forward to!

Then it was time to bake, and cook. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving. Great food, great company, and lots to be thankful for!! Pictures to come, I need to upload them later!
Have a wonderful rest of your Turkey day!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My own practice

Happy Tuesday

Today was a great day. No studying. No GRE’s. No grad school applications.
I had a few clients this morning and was thinking before I headed out to work early this morning that I would love to be able to fit in Yoga today over at Prana Yoga. Unfortunately nothing fit in my schedule…until I got a cancellation. Don’t get me wrong, I feel bad my client was sick, but it did leave me time for a hot yoga class with music!

I am not great at yoga. I go, not because I feel great while doing yoga, but because I almost always feel better AFTER. The class was challenging today. There were sequences of poses that I definitely struggled with. The girl next to me was awesome at yoga. She was doing head stands, and full crow, and some crazy thing where she balanced on her side. I was impressed.

 I had to keep reminding myself “stay in your own practice”. It worked. I was sweating and working hard the entire time. By no means would I say I am particularly “good” at yoga, but I think it’s important to my mental and physical health that I incorporate yoga into my life. Graceful, or not!

I had a few more clients and then went for a 4 mile run with Stacy! It was a great break to my busy day. We run towards memorial drive and then through Cambridge a bit. It was fun, and a little change from where we normally run during the week. Yay!

This evening Greg made dinner (thank you!) and I made pumpkin chocolate chip bars. They are still cooling so I have no idea if they are good or not, but I will be sure to report back tomorrow.

I am excited for Thursday. I am running my first Turkey Trot and then I get to eat lots of great food!
I love running and I love Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

15 things

After 3 days of intensive studying I took the GREs this morning. Thank goodness that’s over! Onward to more fun things. I didn’t do much this weekend except for study. I did manage to get out for a run both Sat and Sun, if only to maintain my sanity.

Sat I went out alone. It was chilly and I pulled out my Nike dry fit leggings for the task. I was happy and not too cold even thought it was around 26 degrees. 5 miles down and then it was back to the books.

Sunday I headed out on a warmer run. I ran 5 miles with Stacy, then 2.5 on my own. It was great to move my legs, and left me feeling less guilty about sitting all day long.
Today was GRE day! I took them my senior year of college, but I convinced myself I should take them again before applying to rad school “just to see if I can do better”. Ugh, why I do this to myself I’ll never know. But, they are over and I am happy.
My fantastic roommate, Matt picked up pie and wine on his way home from the gym for me tonight, so I am thinking pie with a side of wine might be how I end my night.
Since I have nothing all that fun to report on, I’ll leave you with a list of 15 random facts about ME!
 I L OVE peanut butter. It goes with everything…try it with baby carrots sometime. I swear, it’s good!
2)   )I like doing the dishes but HATE washing silverware.
3) I get really excited when I think about planning my next race, even if it’s just a 5k.
4)      I wish I liked beer more than I do. Pass me the wine or hard cider instead please!
5)      Apples are my favorite fruit
6)      I love raw carrots but don’t particularly like cooked carrots. It’s a weird texture thing for me
7)      I hate milk.
8)      I love dogs. I would LOOOVE to own a dog in the near future…hint hint Mr. Greg. I have names picked out and everything!!
9)      I love to read
10)   I often listen to NPR podcasts and Audiobooks on my ipod when I go for long runs. Nerd alert?
11)   I almost never turn down desert. It’s a problem….it’s also why I think I will always have to run
12)   I have small fat feet. I think they help me run. I cover more surface area, thus having more ground to push off from? Ya, that’s a load of junk, but it makes me feel better.
13)   I live with two boys and I think it’s fantastic!!
14)   I like routine and lists and planning things out. Sometimes it’s hard for me to adapt to change, unless it’s my choice. Not my best trait, but at least I’m aware of it.
15)   I get crabby when I don’t work out and just as crabby when I don’t eat enough. Greg and I have a number scale 1-10… if I’m anything over a 6 FEED ME ASAP!
Have a great Monday everyone! I promise my world will be more interesting from here on out!!

P.S - Sign up for this!! It's a great cause and completely easy!