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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Small fish in a big pond.

Yesterday was a very full and busy day! I had early morning clients starting at 545 until 8. I then cae home with the hopes of a quick nap. Nap = restless, terrible dream filled 30 min. Not ideal.

What can I say? I guess I’m not a good napper? I’ve had this problem before when I try to sleep in the middle of the day. It’s like my body rejects the idea and thus forces weird and scary dreams into my subconscious to let me know.

After my attempted nap, I had got up and convinced myself to head to the track.

Yesterday was 2 by 1600s for marathon training so I chose to do the mile repeats track style. I ran/jogged the mile to the track, ran one mile, walked a bit, ran the second mile and then jogged back to work. 4 miles total with two of the miles somewhere around 8:35 pace. I’ll take it! 

It’s not as fast as I know I could do them, but the track intimidates me so I was happy with my splits for my first track workout of marathon training.

The rest of the afternoon included a strength workout and work until 530. If your looking for a killer way to end ANY workout try this baby:
5 min
8 box jumps
8 burpees
8 med ball slams
As many rounds as you can in 5 min. Hello increased heart rate!

At 6pm it was time for my first Physics 2 class at Harvard Extension. It was in a HUGE arena style auditorium that probably was built to fit 300-400 people if not more. My class had around 180-190 students! This is by far the largest class I have ever been in. Talk about little fish in a big pond. I was a little overwhelmed at first, but soon settled into the class and forgot about how many other students there were.

This is going to be a tough class, but I’m ready!! The only down side…it goes until 9pm. Long Tuesday.

I did manage to celebrate National Peanut Butter day before bed last night by eating a huge spoonful of the creamy good stuff. It was just what I needed and wanted after such a long day.

Today was another early morning. Gotta love em! I had a few clients, ran some errands, a few more clients and then a 3 mile run with Stacy. It was windy, but still mild for this time of year. In the high 30s low 40s. I’ll take it and promise I won’t complain next year when I’m bundled in 5 layers to run instead of no gloves and just 2 layers.

Greg works late tonight so I’m in charge of dinner. On the menu is Thimbles ( little pasta pieces) with mushrooms and artichokes.  Should be good. I’ll share the recipe tomorrow if it’s worth making again!

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