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Sunday, February 26, 2012


That’s right, today was my first Did Not Finish of any race I’ve ever ran. 

I was home in VT Thurs-sat and spent all day Fri sick. I was congested and stuffy and overall pretty miserable. I took a 2+ hour nap in the middle of the day which I never do unless I’m really sick. I woke up around 4, just in time to help my mom as best I could with dinner. I went to bed early and woke up after a solid 10 hours. I was feeling better, much less congested and with more energy then I had on Friday. I still managed to take a little nap before we headed up to West Leb so I could take the bus back to Boston.

I had every intention of running my half marathon today. I even put off my 7 mile run that was scheduled for Sat in hopes of saving my energy for today. I felt pretty good this morning, I had some sinus pressure but I figured I could run through it. I woke up, ate my pre-race meal of oatmeal with peanut butter and then Greg, Matt and I headed to Davis to pick up Stacy and head down to Hyannis.

I was still feeling pretty good when we got down to Hyannis and I told Greg I was going to run with my phone just in case I didn’t feel well. I never run with my phone, but I also usually feel great when I head out to run 13.1 miles.

I ran the first mile + with Stacy at around a 9 min mile. This felt pretty good, and I was actually surprised to see 9 on my watch because I wasn’t feeling very fast. I needed to tie my shoe and told Stacy to keep going. I didn’t want to slow her down, I know how speedy she can be! 

I bent down, re-tied my shoe and then when I stood up I felt terrible. I had a lot more sinus pressure than I realized and when I stood up my head was pounding and my ears throbbed. I knew this was going to be a tough race, but decided to keep going and see what happens.

 I made it another .5 miles of throbbing head before I pulled off and texted Greg. I told him I wasn’t feeling good and was going to try and keep going but I might be back at the car sooner than he thought. I made it another mile and then turned around.

I couldn’t beat the pressure in my head and my eyes kept watering. I was so bummed. I felt terrible because I was sick, but also because I have never not finished a race I started. I ran a total of 5 miles before I made it back to the car where Greg was.

I felt Pretty crummy and changed into warm clothing before going and watching everyone run into the finish. Matt and Stacy killed this race! It was Matts first half and he came cruising in at 1:51!! Speed daemon! Stacy raced in just before Matt at 1:49! 

After the race we drove to Sandwhich Ma and picked up a great lunch at Chew! Note to readers who find themselves at Chew... order the Salad. They are HUGE and delicious. Sandwhich the town is beautiful and I think it was the perfect way to end the morning of racing.

This afternoon/evening has been spent on the couch. Everyone is pretty tired and in need of some relaxation!
Happy Sunday everyone! I’m not determined to crush the half marathon in March!

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