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Saturday, January 5, 2013


Yes, CROSSFIT. This morning I woke up and ran to meet Stacy for my very first crossfit class. We had talked about it over the week and decided to give it a try at the free Sat class offered at the Box near my apartment.

I really had no idea what to expect. In the past I have had a very black and white view of crossfit and what it does to the body. I thought that although it seemed to push people and really give a good workout, that it tended to lead to injury and that the fast pace was the wrong approach.

I had these opinions only from what I had read and heard not from my own experience so this morning I went in with an open mind and a good attitude.

We walked into the box, filled out a little paperwork and then gathered as a group. There were 11 of us. We went through a bunch of warm ups including inch worms, lunges, push ups, and squats. After about 35 min of warming up and getting to know each other we were introduced to our very first WOD. It was a partner WOD so I was paired with another guy in the class. He was really nice, and we encouraged each other through the entire thing.

We had 7 min on the clock. The first person did 7 wall-balls and then 7 burpees while the other person held a plank , then they switched ( once each person had done a plank and a wall-ball/burpee set that was considered one round). This continued for 7 minutes, if one person took a break, the other person had to stop as well. I think we got through 5 rounds each. We chose a 12 lb ball for the wall balls which was a fine weight, and we probably could have gone heavier.

I actually got into the competitiveness of it a little bit, and tried not the rest at all during the 7 minutes. It was a fun workout and I would do it again, but Im still not sure crossfit is for me. I like workouts like the one we did today but I dont really have a desire right now to get into the Olympic weight lifting, especially when I have so many races coming up. I am pretty self motivated, so I may take the next month or two and try to do some of the WODs at my own gym, and see how I feel.

Overall, I thought the class was fun, the coach was nice, and the experience was a positive one. Crossfit, I'm still on the fence about you, and I might just have to stay there.

This coming week is filled with running and spinning. I am subbing a bunch of classes and will probably spend most of the week slightly sore.

Have you every tried Crossfit? What did you think?

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