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Friday, January 11, 2013

Flu Madness

Hi everyone,

This week has been super busy. I have worked an extra 8.5 hours this week and also taught an extra 4 spin classes, all due to others being ill. This week one of my co-workers came down with the Flu even though she had gotten the flu shot. Poor thing was super sick, and out from Monday-Thursday. I covered a few hours for her this week which upped my extra hours worked, and ended up adding some extra spin classes to my schedule because of sick instructors calling out.

The take home message from this? Wash your hands, get your flu shot, cover your mouth when you cough and make sure if you aren't feeling well to STAY HOME!

Other than the sickness that seems to have taken over the state of MA, this week has been great. Its been busy but its made me appreciate being home and relaxing with friends and family when I can. Greg and I went out to dinner tonight at a tapas restaurant and ordered a bunch of things off of their GLUTEN FREE MENU! That's right, they had one! I didn't even know until we called to make reservations. It was pretty good food, but even better company!

Today was the first day all week that I haven't had a spin class to teach so I went for a quick 5 miles which ended up being my fastest 5 miles in a long time. 42 minutes, and I felt great the whole time. I thought my hip flexors might be tight, but I felt like going fast and my lungs and legs agreed, I love when that happens.

Greg and I are headed home to VT tomorrow and I cant wait!! More to come on snow shoeing and winter fun soon!

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