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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Springtime in February?

Wow, today was such a beautiful day. 

It was around 48 degrees when I headed out or my run with Stacy. I had 5 miles on the books, Stacy had 4 so we compromised and ran 5.3. oops.

Last night I had my Physics class. It was fine, however a rule of thumb when sitting next to people you don’t know should be :avoid individuals eating huge funny smelling burritos, and people who smoke during every break possible. Yuck. It was less than a pleasant smelling 3 hours.

I did my 3 mile run yesterday which felt fine, but a little slow.  I cant complain given that I was pretty sore from Mondays workout which included a lot of deadlifts. Hello glutes!!

Not much to report on today, I had some clients, did some running, had a few more cleints and then came home to make stir fry. I found out from my doctors appointment last week and the blood test that followed that I am pretty anemic.

I decided I would take the stir fry opportunity to add a little red meat into the mix. We added cut up beef into the gigantic mix of veggies and rice. It was good, but I much prefer chicken or just plain veggies. I guess I’ll have to find another way to get a little extra iron in. Anyone have good supplement information?

Happy Hump day everyone!! I’m off to bed, I have to teach an early morning spin class.

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