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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy thoughts

Happy Wednesday everyone!

This morning I was up bright and early for a 5:45 client. I worked until 11 and then waited around until 12 when I had a running date with Stacy! Yes, that’s right – STACY! Our lives are finally back in sync and we will be running together as much as possible. Last week was crazy with me due to Physics and she was really busy with work, it felt great to run and chat again. 

Yesterday I taught spin and then busted out a 5 mile run. Remember how last week I mentioned that running after spinning wasn’t as bad as I had though? Well, this week it was tough. My legs were tired and my body was resenting the first and last mile of this run.

 Regardless I made it through and even took a chance on a hilly loop I usually love in the summer. Its feb, and I still love it. Yay!

After spinning and running, I had a few clients and then dragged myself to the library with the intent of becoming a hermit until my 6:15 exam. I lasted about 3.5 hours before I needed a change of scenery. I headed home and studies on the couch for another hour or so before taking the dive into my phsics exam. It was tough. It was long. It is OVER. Thank goodness.

On to happier thoughts. This weekend is the Hyannis Half Marathon! Its Sunday and I am super excited!

 A few friends from work at the gym are running it, as well as Stacy, and my roommate Matt! Its his very first race! I am so so pumped for him! Stacy and I are heading out later to see what we can find in terms of bright colored shirts or pants for the race. 

Stacy is faster than I am, so I asked her if she would pace me if I decide to “race” Hyannis. Otherwise, I will just treat it as a long run and try to maintain around  a 9:30 pace. 

Also today involved a splurge to get a salad from the salad bar at wholefoods. 

It wasn’t that expensive, around 5 dollars, and I was happy I did it. In my salad was a kale salad mix (garlic, oil, nutritional yeast) carrots, cucumbers, barley, black beans, and peppers. It sounds random, and it was, but it was really filling and full of iron – something I am trying to get more of in my diet these days! Double win for a great salad and added vitamins!

I’m off to get some random odds and ends done and then off to City Sports with Stacy to find obnoxiously bright colored clothing for the race! I love races, and running, and friends, and life.
Enjoy your afternoon!

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