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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just keep running...

This morning I woke up early to bust out my 12 mile run. I headed out the door a little before 8 and cruised along on a mapped out 12 mile run. The first 6 miles were great and then I got a little lost.  I’ve done this same run before and knew that finding Washington street in Watertown was a little tricky but I thought I remembered it, especially after looking at gmaps pedometer before I left this morning.

 Turns out I didn’t Bremen and I got a little lost. I asked directions from a lady I saw getting out of her car. Unfortunately she  gave me the exact opposite directions I needed. Needless to say I added about 1.3 miles onto my run. I didn’t realize it was that much until I got home and figured it out on gmaps. So my 12 miler turned into a 13.2 miler. I’m not even going to lie, I was tired and my calfs were feelin’ it. This was the first time I had run 13 miles since october when I ran the Hartford Half. Best race EVER btw.

After my run I came home for about 20 minutes before I had to get over to work for a client. I grabbed a missto from Starbucks and off I went. My client was great and it was really fun to train her today because she brought one of her best friends to work out with her. Great motivation for both of them.

I came home and needed food. ASAP! Greg and I made grilled cheese sandwiches and I actually didn’t even eat my entire thing. My stomach is still not feeling 100% so I ate about ¾ of mine before giving it to Greg.

I then got to work on Physics and took a quick break to go to Harvard sq with Greg. We were on a mission  to get more ink for our printer. I had about 3 thousand pages I needed to print for physics studying so this was critical.

Upon coming home I got right back to work on Physics. Unfortunately this is going to be my life until Tue at 8:30pm.

Since this is rather boring I thought I would take some pictures of things that made me happy today.

And what made me unhappy….

Matt and I signed up for the Black Cat 10 miler in Salem in March! Yay!!

This week for running looks like this…
Monday : rest
Tuesday : 5 miles ( 3 at race pace) and spin
Wed : 4 miles
Thurs : 5 miles and spin
Friday : rest
Sat: 7 miles
Sunday: Hyannis half marathon…plus one mile.
35 miles this week. Lets do it!

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