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Monday, February 13, 2012

I’m a wimp.

Yesterday was a great day, but it didn’t go as planned.

I woke up early for an 8am client who no-showed. Womp womp. I had then planned for a 6 mile run with Stacy. She had 13 on the books and agreed to meet me at 9 to run. Unfortunately when I woke up it was 15 degrees, 0 with the wind chill and winds clocking in around 15-20mph. I texted Stacy to see if we could run later around 10 or 11 in hopes that it warmed up a bit.

No such luck. It did warm up to 20 degrees, but the wind increased to 20-30 mph gusts. In the end I wimped out. I didn’t do my Sunday long run. I felt so guilty all day and really had a hard time accepting that I didn’t run until around 2pm.

 Greg, Matt and I ventured into downtown Boston to get some shopping/errands done. We headed back to the red line around 2 and had to walk through the park. The wind was blowing hard! It was so so so cold. My nose hurt and my eyes were watering non-stop. This was enough validation that I had made the right decision. The wind alone would have made me miserable. I guess looking at the big picture I’m happy it was a 6 mile run I missed, not a 13-16 mile run.

I’m not entirely sure what to do about my missed run in terms of my training. I thought about just adding on a mile to each run this week? Bad plan? Great plan? I’m not sure, but I'm determined to figure it out.

After a little shopping with the boys, I headed to the gym for a quick workout on the bike and then had 2 clients.

The best part of the day, or the week, maybe even in the last few months came at 6:30.

Greg and I had reservations for Craige on Main to celebrate Valentines day/our anniversary. I know I know, we already went out to dinner for that a few weeks ago but this dinner seemed extra special.

Greg and I sat at the Chefs Table. This meant we  sat at a bar in front of the open kitchen so we could see and hear EVERYTHING that was going on in the kitchen. Greg said it best that it was like watching the foodnetwork for 3 hours. It was amazing! The kitchen staff was cool calm and fairly collected when this got stressful and busy and we watched them relax and chatter when it was slower. 

Our dinner was 100% amazing! I’ll blog a post later all about our meal and what we ate, loved, and were too full to finish!

Onto running…
This week:
Monday -  miles ( already done)
Tuesday – strength and spin
Wednesday – 4 by 800
Thursday – 4 miles and spin
Friday – rest
Sat – 6 miles
Sunday –  12 miles
These spin classes are classes I teach, not just do for fun. Although teaching is always a great time!!

Happy Monday everyone

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