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Friday, February 10, 2012

Physics overload.


Since I have completely neglected the blog world since Monday I figure I better have a good excuse. My excuse is physics based. We had a lot of homework due this week ( yesterday to be exact) and since I was busy  last weekend I busted it out over the last 3 days. So. Happy. To. Be. DONE!

Running life:
Monday was supposed to be a rest and strength day, but instead of the “rest” part, I went to spin.  I didn’t really work hard, but I thought my sore legs could use some movement. I then proceeded to run 5.5 miles on Tue instead of the 3 I was supposed to. This was due mostly to stress. I needed to run and think and be outside. I figured this was fine since I was supposed to do 5 on wed, so I thought I would just switch them. That didn’t happen because Wed I was SUPER sore!! I guess 5 miles, 10 miles, spin, 5 miles, is not a good sequence for the legs when your stressed and tired.

I didn’t run Wed. I was tired. I was sore. And I was filled with every excuse in the book. Wed= rest day.
Yesterday I taught spin in the morning and then dragged myself onto the treadmill to get 3 miles done. It was torture! I just can’t hack the treadmill. I can’t get into any type of groove and I feel slow and awkward. Imagine watching a ball in the pin ball machine… this is how I feel on the treadmill. I feel like I am constantly trying not to hit the sides.I didn't bring warm clothing for outdoor running to spin which is how I ended up on the treadmill.

Last night we went out to dinner to celebrate the birthdays of two of our friends. We were supposed to be at cuchi cuchi  at 6:30. Unfortunately I had to work until 7:30 so I was fashionably late. I met up with everyone for some wonderful tapas and some fruity drink that Greg had ordered for me when he knew I was on my way over. So sweet. It was great to see everyone. It was basically the same crew from “family dinner” but this time we were out on the town! It was such a fun atmosphere and the food was delicious. Apparently I am quite a fan of lamb… who knew? Check it out if your in Cambridge! It’s a little expensive but worth it.

Today is my actual rest day, and I intend to do just that. I had a few clients this morning and now I am home with Greg who is home sick today. We might head over to the library in a bit and then I am babysitting this evening.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have fun things planned for the weekend!

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