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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sad Garmin

Yesterday was a busy day.

I started out by teaching spin. This was the first time I had subbed for this particular class and I was pretty nervous. The previous instructor for the class is a great guy who knows a ton about running and cycling. He teaches his class more like a real outdoor ride with the focus on making the members become better real life riders. He is a phase rider and tends to stay in the saddle much more than I would when teaching.

Knowing this, I tried to create a class I thought fit both what the class was used to, and my style as well. I started the class with some hill climbing and then moved onto a spirit workout. 15 sec sprint, 15 sec recovery X3 and then a minute break. Onto 20 sec sprint, 20 sec recovery X3 then a minute break and so on until we were up to 30 seconds.
 This was a hard workout and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I will do my best to incorporate more steady state and endurance type workouts for this tue class as well.

I also teach class on Thurs morning, but it is more of a interval and endurance ride.

After teaching class I had a few clients and headed home quickly to eat something. I headed back to the club around 11 for another client and a great strength workout. Pull ups, pushups, single leg straight leg dead lift with a bar ( 75 pounds total) and then a combo of box jumps, burpees and overhead kettle bell swings. Perfect sweaty combo.

I headed to work at 2 and then onto physics class. It was unfortunate that physics class was also valtines day this week, but you do what you gotta do right?

Class was pretty good this week. I like what we are learning and I think I am starting to understand more and more. There was a “couple” sitting a few rows in front of me and I noticed that they took turns napping during class. One would nap while one took notes and then they would switch every 30 min or so. Very strange. I can’t imagine they learned much.

After class I came home to flowers and snickers bars! I had asked Greg Tue night for a snickers bar for V-day. I think he thought I was joking, but that’s really all I wanted. They used to be my FAVORITE candy bar, and I figured I might be craving one after a long lecture. 

I was semi-correct. I was hungry, but I quickly filled up on dinner Greg had made. At least I have a reserve supply of Snickers which I am sure won’t last too long!

This morning on the agenda for running was 4X800s I headed over to track after a few clients. Unfortunately I have no idea what my times were since my poor gamin decided to bite the dust this morning. So sad, so very sad!

I did however, call Garmin and they are going to send me a new one as soon as they receive my current one that I’m sending back. Thank you, Gamrin for being super helpful and nice!

Anyhow, 4X800s did happen. It felt good, hard, but good. I ran the .7ish miles to and from the track as my cool down/warm up. Done and done.

Now I’ve got physics on the brain. Lab report due tomorrow so it looks like the next 24 hours of my life will be very structured and planned. I like it, I would be lying if I said I didn’t.

Happy post Valentines day everyone!!

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