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Monday, February 6, 2012

Catch up

This weekend was a busy family filled weekend. It really put into perspective how important it is to tell those you love, that you love them – every day, and to make sure they know they are appreciated. Not to get too sappy, but just remember to love and give with everything you can. #End sappy intro.

On that note, I think the best way to attack this post and catch up from Wednesday is in bullet point form.

  • ·       Spin class and clients in the morning
  • ·       Cold 3 mile run with Stacy
  • ·       Gregs Aunt and Grandmother were in town earlier than the rest of his family so we headed out to dinner with them. It was Gregs Aunt from Ohio, his aunt from Davis and his grandmother. It was a really nice time. We got Chinese food somewhere along on Mass ave.  It was really good , although mine was spicier than I anticipated.

  • ·        Friday was thankfully a rest day!  My body was tired and I was happy not to have to run or cross train. I usually crave some type of physical activity during the day but I fought that mental battle and filled my day with much more fun productive things instead.
  • ·        I baked cookies. Lots and lots of cookies! I knew Gregs family was coming into ton so I baked them for his family, and a bunch extra to give away to some other people. I must admit I’ve eaten probably as many as I’ve given away, but they are pretty tasty so I cant help myself.
  • ·        Friday night we went over to the hotel that Gregs family was staying at and hung out and ordered BBQ from Blue Ribbon. It was a TON of food. Seriously, the containers were at least a pound or two each. I ordered pulled chicken which was good, but I ended up just eating the meat out of the sandwich and the 2 sides of corn and rice and beans. We stayed until 10 or so and then it was time for bed.

  •    Sat morning I woke up early to get a 5 mile run in before more family arrived. It felt good, even though it was pretty chilly outside.
  • The rest of Saturday was spent with family, eating, laughing, and sharing memories. I met many cousins and relatives I had not had the chance to meet before which was really nice. Such interested people, with great stories and warm hearts.
  • We eventually ended our day eating pie and pizza as a big group in the hotel breakfast room which was perfect for our group of 20. We brought down wine and beer and a little Whisky and just enjoyed each others company.
  • Sunday I needed to get a long run in. Gregs mom, dad, sister, and sisters boyfriend stayed the night at our place sat night so we all woke up early to greet the day. Gregs dad, sister and her boyfriend Ben had to head out early so they went off to get bagels with Greg and Gregs mom and I headed ou on a run. We ran 6 of the 10 miles I had on schedule together. It was a ton of fun. We ran all around central square and Harvard square looking at the beautiful houses and chatting. Although Susan, Gregs mom will tell you she held me back, I probably had the most fun I’ve had on a run in a long time!! I was sad to drop her off at home before continuing my 4 remaining miles.
  •  After the run and a little food, we headed back to the hotel to chat some more and get some lunch before everyone headed to the airport. We walked down for a little Italian lunch which ws good, and a great way to end a busy weekend.
  •  Greg and I tag teamed rides to the aiport to drop everyone off for their respective flights and then I headed to the gym for a client.
  • Then it was Superbowl time. We relaxed on the couch and ate nachos while watching a heartbreaking defeat of the New England Patriots. Sad day. And the halftime show…. I can’t say I was such a fan. It seemed very chaotic and I had a hard time watching Madona perfom some of her moves, although I will give her credit that she is 53 ( I think) and is in pretty good shape!

  • Today starts another week of marathon training. I hit all of my runs last week, the only thing I didn’t do was yoga…woops.
·        This week looks a little like this:

  •  Monday – strength
  • Tues – 3 miles race pace
  • Wed – 5 miles
  • Thurs – spin and 3 miles
  • Fri – rest and yoga?
  • Sat – 3 miles
  • Sunday – 6 miles
This is a recovery week which is why the distances don’t look as large. Can’t wait!

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