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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sam Adams

Last night I ended up babysitting until nearly 11. I was exhausted and came home and crashed hard.

This morning I had 3 miles on the schedule so I sucked it up and headed out this morning around 7am in the rain/snow. I forgot my ipod at work yesterday so my run was filled with me singing to myself and trying to convince myself I wasn't getting frost bite on my face. The run felt pretty good. I kept it slower, around a 9:15-9:20 pace. 33 and raining was just not doing it for me today.

After my run, I babysat for one of my clients and then had a client. I was done around 1 and Greg and Matt met me at work to head over to the Sam Adams Brew Tour.

We took the red line to the orange line and met up with our friend Brook for a fun filled afternoon of brew tasting.  

We learned a lot and got to taste a few good beers in the process. Three to be exact. We also were able to keep our small beer glasses with admissiont o the tour. The tour was free, but they accepted and encouraged donations. The money went to two different charities in Boston the Sam Adams in involved in.
I’m not usually a big beer drinker, but I did like the beers and thought the atmosphere was really fun.

Sam Adams had a special deal that if you brought your admission ticket over to Doyles pub in Jamaica Plains you would receive a free pint glass with an order of a beer. We decided to give this a go and took the free trolley over. The trolley was fun. Lots of people, and loud music- Journey: don’t stop believing was belted out.

Greg, Matt, Brook and I decided to share some appetizers with our beers. I ordered a hard cider because honestly, I had fulfilled my beer fix for the day…maybe the week?

The food was not very good. We ordered nachos which were nothing more than some round tortilla rounds and shdredded cheese. Boo. I could have made better at home.

We headed home after and are currently relaxing and watching a movie.

Enjoy your Sat everyone! I’ve got a cold 6 mile run in the books for tomorrow morning.  

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