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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The little things

Yesterday was a very busy day. I had a few clients in the morning and then came home to get my run on with Greg! I really look forward to our Monday/Wednesday runs! I don’t care that Greg could outrun me in a heartbeat if he wanted too, I don’t care that we don’t always talk when we run, and I don’t care that sometimes I’m a hot sweaty mess after only a mile and a half with him. I love it. It’s the little things that make me happy, and this is one of them!

After our run I continued working on some grad school applications and then headed back over to the gym. I did some strength training and then hit up Spin class with Stacy. We both got our butts kicked and agreed we should run today to loosen up our legs.

A fun body weight/cardio circuit I did yesterday goes as follows:
1 body weight squat
1 burpee
1 front lunge each leg
1 burpee with pushup
1 long jump or squat jump.
Repeat this doing one of each, then do two of each, then three and so on. I did it all the way to 8. It took about 15 min and I was sweating pretty soon into it. You could go all the way to 10 if you wanted a longer workout or you could always add some free weights. Overall it was a fun change and I even used it with a client this morning.

Last night we also had Family Dinner! Yumm. Greg made a pasta dish and we had a huge salad, cookies, and wonderful company!

Today there is more grad school applications and a lunch time run with Stacy. This is another one of the little things I look forward to, especially when life gets busy or expensive as it is with these crazy application fees. Yuck.

The highlight of this evening will be our second dance class!! Greg and I will continue to work on our Foxtrot and Salsa! I’m so excited. The hour goes by really fast, but our instructor is wonderful and really motivating even when Greg and I are kicking one another and tripping over our own feet. Fantastic!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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