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Sunday, December 4, 2011

O Christmas tree…

Last night I went out to dinner with two friends from College, Emily and Amanda (from the blog runningonwaffles) It was a great time! We decided on Chinese food in Central sq. Emily had been there before and even though I go into Central ALL THE TIME I had never been. It was great, we ordered an appetizer and then split three entrees. See Amanda blog for pictures! It was nice to catch up and eat some delicious food. It made me miss OWU but happy to be living in Boston and pursuing my DPT. 

After dinner Emily and Amanda headed off to the Donkey show, and I went into Walgreens in search of candy canes. Typical. I’m pretty sure candy canes are one of the many highlights of Christmas for me!

This morning I babysat for a client and then had a client at the gym. After all of this, Greg, Matt and I headed to Blue Hills for a 3-4 mile hike. So fun, even though it was a little colder than the last time we went. 

We saw lots of people, and since we did an easier hike than last time we also saw lots of dogs and even a few horses. 

Yes, horses.

After our hike we headed to go get our CHRISTMAS TREE for the apartment. We got a tree last year and decorated it with lights and balls so I was really excited to do it again this year. Our tree is perfect. I love it. I can’t wait to decorate it and fill it with lights and candy canes!

Now we are sitting around watching the Amazing Race and doing laundry. I'm about to make some granola for the week and sign up for a few races.

I have a 5k planned for next sunday : the Winter Classic in Cambridge and a 5k for the following weekend :Jingle Bell run in Somerville. More on races tomorrow!!

Overall, it was a great weekend and very productive.

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