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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Baby it’s cold…. Inside?

Yesterday was a chilly day in the apartment. Out heat stopped working sometime Wednesday night I think. I discovered this when I came home from early morning clients Thurs am and went to turn on the heat. Then I waited, and waited, and waited. I turned the dial thing up all the wa to 70!! 2 hours later it was still 58 degrees in the apartment. Brrrrr. I spent the rest o the day inbetween clients trying to figure out this heating situation. I managed to get in a quick 3 mile run with Stacy which was nice.

On Friday there was still no heat. By now our apartment was a balmy 54 degrees and I cursed not having many Friday clients to keep me out of the apartment. I went for a 5.5 mile run (in 30 degree temps) and ran a few errands. This kept me out of our frozen tundra apartment for a few hours. It’s the worst when you go for a run in the cold, come home and take a shower and then get cold all over again. At least we had hot water.
The gas people finally came over last night around 5 to fix the heater. Apparently something like dust got on some important heating element and it burned out. All is well, it’s fixed and our apartment is warm again!!

Last night we went out in Boston! We almost NEVER go out in Boston. We usually go out in Davis or Harvard square because it's closer and easier to get to. Last night some friends from UVM where Greg and Matt went to undergrad and DPT school were in town. We had a great time. We went to Coogans and then to The Liberty Hotel. A very fun night although I think dollar drafts might be one of the best and worst concepts in history. Thankfully, I’m not a big beer drinker.

I made soup for dinner last night. Super easy. Hot Italian sausage cooked and ground into smaller pieces. Add kidney beans, onions, carrots, garlic, chicken broth, diced tomatoes ( with juice), spinach, and some seasoning such as red chili flakes and oregano. 35 min to perfection!

This morning I ran to the gym and biked for a while then had a few clients. After my clients I grabbed sandwiches for Greg and I to eat before we headed off to our THIRD dance class. So fun!! We practiced the Foxtrot and Salsa and then we were taught some of the basics of the Tango!!! Those 45 minutes go by so fast. I don’t think we are “natural” dancers, but it is a nice to change to a normal workout and it’s fun to feel connected to each other in the form of dance.

We are now all sitting around watching Cars 2. I need to run some more errands later and we might go get our Christmas Tree!! Can’t wait.

Happy December everyone, because I didn’t say it before :)

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