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Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the year

 Hi everyone!!

Sorry I’ve been MIA the past week. I broke the charger to my computer and when I ordered a new one I accidentally sent it to my house in VT not Boston. Oops! I figured I would just get it this weekend when I came home so I didn’t have my parents bother sending it down to Somerville. I’ve been stealing Gregs computer as much as possible but with the holiday life got a little busy.

So, I’m back!

The past week I’ve not been running too much. I ran on Monday, Tue, Thurs and haven’t ran since. I’m alright with this. I needed a little break and I was so busy with work and holiday shopping that some days time got away from me before I even realized I hadn't ran.

I plan on getting in a longer hilly run tomorrow around my town in good old SOVT. I love it here. Running is so much fun and it’s always a little bit of a challenge compared to the flatter streets of Boston. I sure hope this feels good given that I’ve been eating cookies and candy for the last 2 days. Totally fine with it.

I plan to get back on track with my running next week and will start to gear up for my marathon training which starts towards the end of Jan! Whoohooo!!

This years Christmas was WONDERFUL. I have loved every second of being home this year. We had a wonderful Christmas eve gathering last night with friends and family, and today we lounged around and enjoyed each others company.

 We opened presented this morning and then had a late breakfast of bacons, eggs, and toast. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera in Boston so I haven’t taken any pictures. I’ll see if I can get some off my moms camera before I head back tomorrow.

I received some great sweaters and warm clothing, as well as many little running accessories so I can run when it’s still dark in the morning without being terrified of someone not seeing me and hitting me.
Greg bought me snowshoes this year, which I think is fantastic. I’ve never been snow shoes but he and Matt both own a pair so I’m very excited to get out on some trails and learn.

I received my Garmin last year from Greg for Christmas. I just looked and realized that since Christmas last year, I have run 926 miles with my Garmin! I’m pretty proud of that. I went on a few runs without my Garmin this year, but not many. There are some days when I look at it every 20 seconds, and other days when I forgot I have it on and don't look at all. I enjoy running without it sometimes. It feels very carefree, but I enjoy looking at the data and pushing myself.

I’m guessing this coming year I will run more than 926 since I will be training for my first full marathon plus I already have a few half I'm signed up for. Hyannis in Feb and D.C in March.

Tomorrows game plan is my morning run and then over to Manchester VT to the outlets for some post-Christmas sales, and to exchange/return a few things for my dad and brother.

Merry Christmas everyone!! Have a safe and wonderful evening.

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