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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some days you just need rest.

So my brilliant idea that perhaps running would “cure” my cold, failed. Miserably. I felt really crummy all day yesterday after my weekend of running and Monday of running even more. I did some strength training yesterday but then couldn’t muster the strength to run after with Stacy. Sorry Stace. Today I wanted to run. I felt better, and I knew I could probably get a few miles in, but I knew better. The voice inside my head, and the one of my mom on the other side of the phone said “DON’T DO IT!” So I didn’t.  I’m still pretty tired and have been running a low-grade temp so I figured there is no need to push it. My body is asking for a break. Don’t worry body, I heard you!

Today I had a few clients in the morning and then came home and got to work on the rest of my grad school applications! YAY! It feels good to be done. I just have to figure out how to submit my GRE scores to all of my schools and I’ll be finished!

Tonight is leftover lasagna that I made Monday using a recipe I found on pinterest.  It was my first time on the site and I’m pretty sure I wasted about 30 min just looking at random things before I even got to the recipe.

I also managed to figure out the majority of my Christmas shopping today. I haven’t bought or ordered everything yet, but I at least feel better knowing that I have a list and good ideas on hand for most of my friends and family.

For now I am laying low. I’m drinking lots of water and tea and hoping that since Dayquil didn’t really help that Sudafed will. Here goes nothing!
Happy hump day everyone!

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