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Monday, December 12, 2011

Running legs and a runny nose

Saturday was spent running errands. I went for a 7 mile run in the am and then had a few clients. After I was done Greg, Matt and I headed over to Harvard for their ceramics sale. It was super fun and we each found some stuff for Christmas presents and for the apartment.

 Greg then had a dentist appointment so Matt and I went to work cleaning the apartment. We spent a solid hour and the place looked GREAT! Spic and span, just the way I like it!

After Greg got home we headed over to Costco then Panera for lunch. Yum! Salad and half sandwich please? On our way home we detoured to Trader Joes to get some wine and a few odds and ends including chocolate covered pretzel crisps. I made Greg dispose of them sometime yesterday since it’s all I had been eating for two days.

After Trader Joes we finally headed home. All errands complete. Food, a few xmas presents, and decorations purchased! We got home with plenty of time to get food going, decorate a little, and change into our holiday sweaters. I’ll put pictures up soon but I have to steal them from Matt.

The party was a lot of fun. We played Apples to Apples while people arrived and then an intense and very long sequence of Jenga games ensued. Everyone played at one time or another and there was lots of food, cookies, and alcohol for everyone. The party was a  major success. I ended up bailing around 1:30am and going into our room to go to sleep. I was exhausted and had a 5k to run the next morning.

Sunday morning I got up around 8:45 after going to be close to 2am and got ready for the race. It was chilly, around 28 degrees. I got all dressed up and then had the smart idea of cutting the sleeves off of my Holiday sweater and slipped that on over my running gear. ( again,pictures will be stolen from Matt and posted later) A little holiday spirit would make me run faster I thought. I headed out the door around 9:30 and run the mile into Central sq. I met up with Stacy and her friend Lauren who were also running the 5k Winter Classic and we went to go grab our bibs and race shirts.

The race was a course I had run before at other races sponsored by the Asguard in Central. Stacy, Lauren and I all decided to run together and just chat and have fun with the race. There were some fantastic costumes including full on gingerbread man, Santas, elves, and a few red tutus.

We ran the race in  27ish min holding an 8:44pace. Not bad given that none of us wanted to “race” the 5k and we talked the entire time. After the race ended I ran back home and showered.Completing around 5.5 miles total for the day. After a shower and some food I headed over to Target to ruturn a few things and get a little Christmas shopping done. Successful on both accounts.

I had a client last night and then went and picked my brother up from the airport. When I got back, Stacy and Lauren came over for Thai food and little wine. It was fun to have friends over, and a nice relaxing way to end a busy week and busier weekend.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty crappy. I had a stuffy nose and super dry lips. I dragged myself to my 5:45am client and then came home around 7 to sleep until 8:30. I had made plans to run with Stacy and Lauren again today before Lauren heads back to Maine tonight. I wasn’t feeling great but figured a little exercise would help.

I’m still not sure exercising when you’re obviously sick is the best plan, but I’m stubborn and I really like running so I went for it. I felt pretty good on the run, however I felt just as crappy when I got home. I’m hoping the two Dayquil I took around 9:30am will help soon. Given that it’s currently almost 1pm  my hopes are dwindling. All and all I busted out 6.5 slow miles today and that’s good enough for me. No need to push it and really regret it later.

I have a little more work today and then I’m subbing a Total Body Conditioning class tonight at 7:30. I hope my constant sniffles are not too much of a distraction for the members taking the class!
Happy Monday everyone!

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