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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tis the Holiday Season

I love this time of year.

Its been a busy week for Greg and I. I’ve finished up most of my Christmas shopping this week. Thank goodness for Amazon! I only have a few more small things to pick up and then I’m done.

Last night Greg and I went to a Hanukah party hosted by the parents of two kids I babysit for. The party was really fun. It was mostly adults who had children between the ages of 3-8, but they were all working professionals and very interesting to talk with.

There were lots of Latkes! Who doesn’t like fried potato? I had gone for a long run in the morning and then ran errands all day so I was defiantly in “need” of fried potato cakes! With applesauce please. What better way to fuel for a 5k the next morning.

Even though it’s cold, and its harder to motivate myself to get out the door and run, or do errands I always feel better after.

After a freezing cold run I always feel a slight sense of pride that I went out and I braved the cold or unwelcoming weather conditions others might shy away from.

On that freezing cold note, this morning was the 5k Jingle Bell Run in Davis sq.  They caped the race at 7 thousand participants and the race sold out weeks before.  I have never seen so many people in santa costumes in my life! People got very creative and there were even a few reindeer and sleigh combinations. I was extra impressed by a police officer who was sitting in his car blocking traffic playing Christmas music from his phone into the speaker coming off the police cruiser.  It was great!

The downfall of the race was how extremely COLD it was!! I ran the 2 miles into Davis sq and then waited around inside the BSC for the race to start. It was around 20 degrees; with the wind it was around 10. NOT warm! I was honestly not warm until the 2nd mile of the 5k. Probably the coldest run I have ever been a part of but it was soo much fun!

I ran with my coworker, and we just ran and enjoyed the company of 7 thousand other crazy cold people. We maintained around 10 min mile pace, more because it was almost impossible to go any faster with the amount of people. This race was for fun and not worth wasting energy and warmth trying to dodge and pass people.

After the race today we lounged around watching football and snacking. Perfect Sunday. I had a client at 5 so while I was training Greg and Matt went and picked up BBQ from Blue Ribbon in Arlington.

It’s a wonderful time of year. I hope everyone is enjoying this last week leading up for Christmas as much as I am.

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