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Friday, November 18, 2011

What a week!

Hi everyone, sorry I’ve been MIA for the past few days!

 I had a few grad school applications due this week and the impending GRE’s on Monday so life has been a little busy.

Tuesday was filled with clients and studying. Thankfully there was a 5 mile run thrown in there. 4 of them with Stacy which made my day better. We discussed the impending need to go on a shopping spree at lulu lemon. I’m sure this will happen soon regardless of how our bank accounts feel. Sometimes you just want cute workout gear! 

Wednesday, Greg and I went and got dinner with some friends in Brookline. I hadn’t been feeling great all day, but I pulled it together to go get some dinner. Kobe beef burger? Don’t mind if I do! Dinner was really nice. We went to the Fireplace in Brookline. Great company and delicious food. After dinner I still wasn’t feeling so hot and proceeded to go to bed as soon as we walked through the door of our apt. 

I canceled my 5:30 client Thurs am when I woke up and still felt terrible. I went back to bed until 7 (sleeping in for me) and woke up feeling only slightly better. I had a few clients and filled up on ginger ale and saltines. Not my favorite, but I think it helped. I was finally feeling better by mid- day. Perhaps some type of virus was trying to hack into my system! No thanks! I also think it might have been my body telling me I need less stress and more rest in my life. Ok body, you win! I didn’t run or workout one bit Thursday!

Thursday evening concluded with “Family dinner”. Family dinner is a tradition we have been doing for about a year and a half. It started with Greg, Matt, and I and a few of friends who live in the area who went to school with them. We tried to keep one night a week where we had “family dinner”. Each week a different person cooked and we swapped hosting depending on who cooked. As the year has progressed we have added many more family members into the mix. There are new roommates for some, new boyfriends or girlfriends for others and we just keep expanding. It’s wonderful! I hope we continue this as long as we are all living within the Boston area. This past Thursday was FAMILY THANKSGIVING!! We had actually already done family Thanksgiving last month, but decided we could do another. Our friends boyfriend cooked, and there were easily 25 people in attendance. Impressive! I was happy I was finally feeling a little better so I could enjoy not only the Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, ect, but the chocolate fondue some wonderful person brought! No better way to cure a stomach bug than chocolate dipped fruit!

Thank goodness for Friday! I had clients this morning and then Greg and I went for a mile and ½ run. He is fast, I am not as fast, but it is always fun! Now it’s time to buckle down and get some GRE studying done. Womp womp. Tomorrow I hope to get a 6-7 mile run in, in the am and then trap myself in the library for the day! Wish me luck!

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