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Friday, November 11, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

 Yesterday was one of those days where it starts busy, and just keeps getting busier. I had an early morning client and then decided at the last minute to take a spin class. Even though I teach spin on a semi-regular basis, sometimes it’s nice to try a class taught by another instructor. I was excited at the potential of the class, and thought how nice it might be to try and get to a spin class once a week. One that I don’t teach!
Dog we met while hiking last weekend I obviously neeeed this dog!

Yesterday mornings class left something to be desired though. I really disliked the beginning of the class. She pushed us, but we didn’t have proper time to warm up before we were jumping and climbing and sprinting. I was not impressed. The second part of the class was great though. It was fun, the music was better and I think that finally warming up helped the last 25 min of the class fly by. Overall, I’m willing to give it another try next week. If it’s not different I will try to switch to Tuesday morning class instead of Thursdays.

That man was not impressed by my upper body strength.

After spinning I had a few more clients and before I knew it, it was time head over to my observation hours. It’s a solid three miles from my work and as many in MA and other New England states know, yesterday, it rained. A LOT! Luckily I had thought this out and had managed to stuff more random articles of clothing in my backpack that you could ever imagine. I was ready! After 4 hours of PT observation I headed off to dinner with some great friend. Friends, food, beer ( or in my case tea considering it was freezing rain when I rode my bike back home).

I went to yoga this morning after a few more early morning clients. I’m still trying to get into yoga. I try very hard to breath as I should. In the nose, out the mouth. Tricky if you’re not used to it.  I plan on keeping yoga on my weekly to-do list. I always feel better after the class and it’s completely worth the money. I go to Prana heated yoga, which is usually about 95 degrees and a great sweat session.

I’m happy it’s Friday, I need a day of rest and a day to get more gad school work done. Perhaps a run is in my future later today, but I will be alright if its not. On the agenda for this weekend is a long run with Stacy and perhaps a little outlet shopping. Christmas is coming up and I feel as though everyone has started to buy things except me. I’m willing to fix that with a nice trip to Wrentham if the weekend allows.

Matt took this photo. I think it's beautiful so you should too.

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