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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Time to run!

So, I woke up this morning ready to run! I spent far to much money yesterday at City Sports on cold weather clothing that I may or may not need. I found it therapeutic, given that I was injured with a "torn muscle". HA! I still don't believe the diagnosis and since the swelling has mostly diminished it was obviously time to run! (Sorry Mom). Todays run felt pretty good. A fun 5.5 miles around the Charles and through BU a bit. It was nice to be running and the cooler weather felt good as well.

I've been trying to decide what I want my race/running schedule to look like over the next month. Since I'm slightly OCD and love lists and planning things way to far in advance I've planned myself all the way out to March. Woops. If anyone is doing the Rock N Roll half Marathon in DC in March let me know! Or, if you have done it in the past.  I'm really excited for this because I've never been to DC and I have heard from a few people who did the FULL last year that the first half of the race was fun. Thats the 13.1 I need to be fun!

I'm slowly but surely getting my grad school stuff taken care of. I decided this weekend I am going to sit down and go over all of the schools I want to apply to. I need to make this a priority and not just choose schools because I see them on the list. Time to do some serious research, make some lists, and plan my future! Yay! I'm thinking of trying to stay in Boston. I'm not sure I want to move again, but I am also willing to look all over New England and the West coast. (Again, sorry mom!) I am thinking that if I stay in New England for school I will try to take some of my clinical out west. I would love to do a road trip across country so I am more than happy to be in Washington State for a 8 week rotation or any other state out that way!

I am excited for tomorrow because it means the return of the "lunchtime run". What is that you ask?  Over the last few months my good friend Stacy and I have been trying to sneak in runs at 12. They are usually 3-5 miles, slower and always fun! I am a huge fan of running with friends. I think it's a great way to get some miles in without constantly looking at my watch, and it allows us to catch up doing something we both enjoy.  Its much easier to go out running in the rain, wind, or freezing temps that come off of the Charles when your with a friend. Everyone should try it!! I found it to be a nice way to train my cardiovascular system as well because we talk the entire time. If you are talking and running its harder to keep a faster pace, but we still manage to bust out 9ish min miles. Awesome.

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Go find a buddy to run with.

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