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Monday, November 21, 2011

15 things

After 3 days of intensive studying I took the GREs this morning. Thank goodness that’s over! Onward to more fun things. I didn’t do much this weekend except for study. I did manage to get out for a run both Sat and Sun, if only to maintain my sanity.

Sat I went out alone. It was chilly and I pulled out my Nike dry fit leggings for the task. I was happy and not too cold even thought it was around 26 degrees. 5 miles down and then it was back to the books.

Sunday I headed out on a warmer run. I ran 5 miles with Stacy, then 2.5 on my own. It was great to move my legs, and left me feeling less guilty about sitting all day long.
Today was GRE day! I took them my senior year of college, but I convinced myself I should take them again before applying to rad school “just to see if I can do better”. Ugh, why I do this to myself I’ll never know. But, they are over and I am happy.
My fantastic roommate, Matt picked up pie and wine on his way home from the gym for me tonight, so I am thinking pie with a side of wine might be how I end my night.
Since I have nothing all that fun to report on, I’ll leave you with a list of 15 random facts about ME!
 I L OVE peanut butter. It goes with everything…try it with baby carrots sometime. I swear, it’s good!
2)   )I like doing the dishes but HATE washing silverware.
3) I get really excited when I think about planning my next race, even if it’s just a 5k.
4)      I wish I liked beer more than I do. Pass me the wine or hard cider instead please!
5)      Apples are my favorite fruit
6)      I love raw carrots but don’t particularly like cooked carrots. It’s a weird texture thing for me
7)      I hate milk.
8)      I love dogs. I would LOOOVE to own a dog in the near future…hint hint Mr. Greg. I have names picked out and everything!!
9)      I love to read
10)   I often listen to NPR podcasts and Audiobooks on my ipod when I go for long runs. Nerd alert?
11)   I almost never turn down desert. It’s a problem….it’s also why I think I will always have to run
12)   I have small fat feet. I think they help me run. I cover more surface area, thus having more ground to push off from? Ya, that’s a load of junk, but it makes me feel better.
13)   I live with two boys and I think it’s fantastic!!
14)   I like routine and lists and planning things out. Sometimes it’s hard for me to adapt to change, unless it’s my choice. Not my best trait, but at least I’m aware of it.
15)   I get crabby when I don’t work out and just as crabby when I don’t eat enough. Greg and I have a number scale 1-10… if I’m anything over a 6 FEED ME ASAP!
Have a great Monday everyone! I promise my world will be more interesting from here on out!!

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