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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

No excuses November

Today has  been a whirlwind. I had a few early morning clients and then came home to crack down on GRE and Grad School applications.Cue: major stress. I sat down and instantly stressed out. I was looking at my never ending to-do list and trying to make deadlines and create time frames. I could only handle it for an hour or so before I needed to get out of the apartment. 

I had another client and then decided I needed to get a workout in. Perks of working at a gym! After my workout I managed to pull myself together again to get a few more things done before I headed out the door to meet Stacy for our lunch time run! Thank goodness! I’ve been looking forward to this all morning. I needed to run. I needed a friend. I needed to be out in the beautiful weather.

Our run was great. We headed out over the mass ave bridge and onto the esplanade. From there we headed back over the Longfellow Bridge, through Kendal and past the candy factory back to our starting point. It was a Beautiful fall run along the Charles. We chatted and ran and pushed it a little at the end. Perfect. 4 miles covered with Stacy, plus a mile or so to and from our meeting point. 6.5 miles total.

I’ve decided that this month is going to be “no excuse November”. I realize it’s already the 8th but I figure better late than never when making a resolution. This month, I am going to go to yoga (NO EXCUSES) at least once a week. Yoga is cheaper than physical therapy so I am going to put in every effort to get my booty there to sweat and stretch. I am also going to get ALL of my applications in and done by the 25th of this month. Again, no excuses. I have essays to write, and courses to register for. It’s happening! I am going to run as often as I can, but I’m not going to use missing a run as an excuse not to get more important things done, such as school work, studying, or essay writing. Those things will take priority for the month of November. Now that I’ve put these things out into internet world, I have to stick with it. I think it’s the blogging law.

The day ended with a trip to Red Bones, a wonderful BBQ place in Somerville. Greg had a groupon or buywithme that expired soon so Matt, Greg, and I cashed in! It was great, and a nice break from stressing out over grad application essays. Off to bed now. Tomorrow is another busy day, and I can’t wait to check more things off my November to-do list. It’s long, but it’s going to be

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