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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gobble gobble

Happy Thanksgiving!!

What a wonderful day it’s been!
Yesterday I worked in the morning and then ran a bunch of errands before getting ready to head home to VT!!!

My favorite errand was definitely to Mikes Pastry in the North end!! Mmmm cannoli’s. Thank you Mike, whoever you may be, I am thankful for you today! 

My brother and I both headed home to VT from Boston yesterday. We took the T to south station then took the Dartmouth Coach to Lebanon and then my mom and sister picked us up to head home! Whew! We headed for the T at 1 and we home by 5:45. Not too bad.

Today I was supposed to run a Turkey Trot in Brattleboro. I decided not to last night as it was going to take up too much time and we were planning on having Thanksgiving at our house with family friends around 12-1. The race was about an hour away and it started at 9. I wanted to be able to be home to help bake and watch the parade. Instead I headed out on my own 4 mile run with a few big hills thrown in! Success!
It’s fun to run at home after running in the city for so long. It’s nice not to have a stop light or much traffic to deal with. It is also much hillier, which is always a challenge I look forward to!

Then it was time to bake, and cook. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving. Great food, great company, and lots to be thankful for!! Pictures to come, I need to upload them later!
Have a wonderful rest of your Turkey day!

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