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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Learning something new

I woke up this morning with every intention of going for a long run. Long as in 7-8 miles. I was determined even though I went to bed around 12 last night. Not ideal for an early wake up the next morning, but I was willing to deal. However, when I woke up this morning it was cold... around 32 degrees and weather.com said it felt like 26. Brrrrr. I'm no baby when it comes to cold, I'm from VT after all but I was not exactly excited about this. I also remembered that I said I was going to try to keep my miles low for the month of November. I wanted to keep my runs around or under 6 miles per run. This was a smart decision, however, it's much harder to actually follow through with.

I think it's probably fair to assume I'm not the only runner who finds it hard to cut down their running after training for a race. I ran the Hartford ING Half Marathon last month. It was awesome!! I loved it! I recommend it! In fact I had a PR in this race, a full 5 min faster than my previous PR. Anyways, I digress. I told myself I needed to rest and relax this month.

I spent the months of April-July rehabing a tight IT Band which was causing severe and uncomfortable knee pain. I worked very hard in PT, foam rolled, and went to yoga. I still do the foam rolling and yoga and have been very happy with the pain free running I have been able to do since ending PT. After finishing up PT I then threw myself into training and busted out 2 half marathons, a 10k and a 5k in a matter of 2 months. Maybe a little much? Hence why I need some time off. So as much as I wanted to run a long one this morning, the cold weather, and the constant reminder of my declaration to keep my miles low I ran just 3 miles. It was actually the lowest mileage I've done all week, but ya know what? I was fine with that. It still felt good to get out the door and move my body, but I am happy I didn't push myself. I needed the rest and I'm happy I took it.

I'm not going to say I wont do a few longer runs this month, because I think there will definitely be a few situations where I will, but I also need to respect my body. My mind and body both need a little time to regroup and I have other things I should be focusing on this month. Like GREs and Grad schools applications! Yikes!

After my run, and working a few hours this morning I bought some stuff for lunch and started out on my bike ride home. My apt is only about a mile from the gym so it's a quick ride. Usually. However, today my bike had other plans. Apparently I had been riding my bike for the past day or two not fully in gear. Who knew? I'm still getting used to my road bike. Its he type that has the suicide gears. The ones waaaaaay down on the frame meaning I'm slightly terrified to reach down while ridding to switch my gears. This has worked out perfectly fine until the other day when I decided I needed to figure out what gears did what. I thought I had the hang of it. Apparently not. My chain slipped off my bike on my way home  today and I was forced to walk my barely mobile bike home. womp womp. I called Greg on my way home to tell him and ask what do to. He tried to talk me through it, but I was cold and annoyed and not really in the mood to pull off to the sidewalk and figure it out. I dragged my bike home and then Greg and I went outside to fix it. He told me he wasn't going to fix it for me, that I had to learn. Insert angry face and grumpy tone. He showed me what to do, refusing to touch the chain because that wouldn't help me learn. Who said I wanted to learn??? Anyhow, it took a while, but I did it!!! I was so impressed with myself and thankful that Greg didn't do it for me. Lesson learned! So if you happen to be riding your bike in Boston and your chain comes off, find me!! I know how to do it!! I wish I had taken a picture of how dirty my hands were after. Pretty gross, but worth it! I did thank Greg after and apologize for trying to get him to do it for me. I can now ride with a little more confidence and independence. yay!

Happy Saturday, everyone! Time to relax and maybe watch a movie!

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