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Monday, April 2, 2012

Ups and downs

Hey everyone!

Happy Monday!
This weekend I was home in VT again.  I love going home, I love my bed, my dog, my family, and how relaxed and happy I feel. I don’t love the lack of sidewalks, or places to run for extended periods of time without being scared of trucks careening off the road into me.

I only ran 3 miles Sat, and then planned to run 6-7 miles with Gregs mom on Sunday. Unfortunately sometimes you just have crappy runs. This was true on Sunday. I had planned to run easy and happy and just chat and exercise with some great company. This was the plan, the reality sorta stunk. I had on horrible socks that kept slipping down on my heels and driving me completely nuts!! I also had some arch pain which eventually lead to some walking and only 4.5 miles logged. Humph. I was disappointed, and I fet even worse that I limited Gregs moms run.

I have to tell myself its only one run. There will be other great runs. This week I am determined to get in some real miles, and do whatever I need to to get in a solid long run this weekend! I just need to. I need to push myself for more than 16 miles. That’s a priority. Family is always number one, but I think some real distance soon needs to be a close second.

I’m feeling a little defeated lately about my ability as a runner and my confidence in busting out these 26.2 miles in May and I am hoping this might be the week of redemption. I will stretch. I will foam roll. I will eat healthy. I will get enough sleep. Its going to happen.

This is the attitude I am going into this week with. I am committing to this, no excuses!

On a less intense note, the next few days we have some wonderful company coming into town. Our friend Alex is coming into town Wed, and my great friend from college is coming into town Thursday!! Unfortunately I have to work all day Friday, but I am just so happy to have some old faces in town. My friend Britton is actually moving to Boston this summer and I simply cant wait!!

Happy Monday everyone!
Here is what the week is going to look like for me.
Monday: Spin
Tuesday: teach spin, run 6
Wednesday: 6 by 800s
Thursday: 7 miles
Friday: rest
Sat: 10 miles
Sunday: 20 miles.
Who knows what will happen with this weekend. I want to get these runs in, but my family will be the number one priority, so I need to work hard this week and it might mean that I replace a shorter run with a longer run this week if I have some time. We will see what I feel like tomorrow.

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