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Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm baaaaaaack!

These last few days ( weeks) have been filled with lots of driving to and from VT and lots of family time. It has made for some long days, but overall very happy attitudes!

Last week was spent working and running mostly. I am still finding that I don’t have the speed I used to when I run and I actually may try to get to the doctors sooner than later as I want to get my thyroid checked out. I was informed this weekend that my family has a long history on my dad’s side of thyroid disease and I basically fit the bill for it.  Must find out more about this…

Friday I worked all day, but my friend Britton was in Boston looking at apartments for when she moves here in July, so after I was home from work we headed out for dinner and drinks. Greg came too, and our college friend Melissa. We headed into Kendell sq. to Cambridge Pub and Brewery. It was pretty good! Greg and I each had a beer while we waited for Britton and Melissa to drop Brittons stuff off at her hotel. We then waited another 30-40 min after they arrived to be seated. Apparently the hostess thought he had already seated us and cross our name off the list.
Besides waiting forever to be seated at a table, we had a great time. The dinner was good, the beer was good, and the company was fantastic. Greg ordered Scallops and I ordered Pizza.  I was starving by this point and the only thing keeping me from a hunger induced melt down was the fact that we were there with friends. Otherwise poor Greg would have had to deal with me while I was hangry ( hungry and angry combined!).
Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to get a run in with Stacy. It was a great time! Its been a while since I have ran in the morning and it was wonderful to get out the door and running before 6:45am. Slightly crazy for a Sat? Yes. Necessary? Yes.
Stacy and I both had morning plans so we headed out early to get our 6.5 miles in. I also busted out another mile to work since I was running late. Woops.
I headed home to VT around 3 yesterday when I was done with work. It was an easy 2.5 hours up to SOVT and I came home and enjoyed some family time before passing out like an old lady at 9:45.

Yesterday we had an early morning, I headed out for a quick 2 mile run because I was lacking time before we headed to church with my sisters boyfriend.
After church we came home and started on Easter dinner, although we ate around 3. We had all of the usual, am, potatoes, white asparagus, fruit salad, and apple sauce. It was all delicious. My aunt and cousin had come out from California for Easter this year so they came to our house for dinner. It was a really nice time. We chatted and told stories and I learned things about my family history I never knew.
(more fun things other than the thyroid issue)

I’m about to head back to Boston in a few hours. I plan to get there in time to grab some groceries, run, and then head to work. Wish me luck, this might be asking too much in a short period of time.

Happy Monday everyone!

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