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Saturday, April 14, 2012

You make my heart race

Hey everyone!
Its been a while since I have posted a blog, mostly because it has been a while since I have had a solid run. Yup, that’s right… I really haven’t been running much. Not because I don’t have time, or energy, or desire to run, but because running hasn’t felt good for the past few weeks. And if I am honest with you, and myself I could say it hasn’t felt good for the past 2 months. Perfect timing with my marathon training huh?

I have found that lately when I run I have been running around 10:30-11 min miles. What?? I ran 13.1 miles in Oct running 8:40s. What gives? Why suddenly do I have NO SPEED! None. I get winded so fast and extremely fatigued. I shrugged this off for the first little while thinking that perhaps marathon training had slowed me down. I was perfectly fine with this and continued to run and push myself even though I was slower. I figured some speed work would help and I dedicated some extra time during the week to speed in an attempt to build it back up. No dice. I felt like junk no matter what.

I feel slow, my heart rate increases much more than I am comfortable with and I get fatigued extremely quickly. I began to think about this, and talked to a few friends and some family members who suggested perhaps I had a thyroid disorder. Thyroid disorder you say? Overactive? Underactive? Which one? How do I know?
Since I have been experiencing high baseline heart rate lately and I haven’t changed anything else in my training, exercise regimen I was willing to go with the thyroid suggestions.

This all came to light last night. Greg and I headed down to CT to visit my sister and her boyfriend for the weekend. We arrived around 10pm and chatted and snacked a bit. All of the sudden while we were sitting there my heart rate skyrocketed and my face went completely white and my pupils got huge. All I could say was “ I don’t feel good, I don’t feel good”…helpful I know.
It quickly went back down, but I was completely freaked out and had a very hard time calming down. I was awake until around 1am when I finally feel asleep.
I felt better this morning and I emailed the mom of the kids I babysit who is a wonderful cardiologist. I explained my issues and she suggested hyperthyroidism and a few other things that she said seemed less likely.
 Needless to say I have been semi-freaked out for the past day or so. I was going to run today but I am honestly scared to right now. I have a doctors appointment on Fri am to get my thyroid and my iron levels checked. I honestly have no idea what this means for my marathon currently. I will feel much better after my doc apt and I have a few answers. Until then, I am going to try to run what I can when I can, but I think I need to restrain and not push too much until I figure this out.

Anyone else have some suggestions? Have this happen to them before?

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