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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Marathon Monday

This weekend was a blast. I had a great time with my sister and her boyfriend in CT. It was so nice to hang out and relax and just catch up on life.

Monday was marathon Monday!! Its like my Christmas! I had a few friends running and was so excited to go down and watch them. I made signs and brought my cheering voice in an effort to motivate some of the most inspiring people I will ever know battling through 26.2 miles of sweltering heat.
It was so much fun! Greg, Matt, and I met up with some of our friend around miles 25 and we proceeded to cheer and yell from 10:30am until 2:30pm. I saw some of the fasted runners, hand cyclist, and wheelchair athletes in the world. It was so impressive and just incredible to watch especially given the heat.

I had a client later in the day and then came home to eat a quick dinner before we all went down to get a drink at a local bar. It was still really nice outside and the bar we decided to go to had open garage doors so we could see onto the sidewalk and the breeze could come in.

We all ordered a drink and were happily chatting and sipping until I suddenly didn’t feel good. I was sitting across from Greg so I told him I had to go to the bathroom and got up. My heart was racing ( sound familiar now?) and I started to panic. I turned around and in front of all of our friends I asked Greg if he would come to the bathroom with me. He got up, I’m sure a little confused and followed me to the back of the bar where I proceeded to lay down in an unoccupied booth until I felt better. 

I think it was only a few minutes but Greg had his hand on my wrist taking my pulse the entire time. I began to feel better and headed back to our table. Luckily Matt, and our friend Kathy were there and they both knew about my previous episode of tachycardia so they were able to assure everyone at the table that I was ok and it made it less awkward when I came back. Thank you Matt and Kathy!!

We headed home soon after and I ate some ice cream and went to bed. I was tired and still a little freaked out by my high heart rate.

 Today was fairly uneventful. I am still scared to run so I settled on some stretching and core work at the gym this morning inbetween clients. I’m supposed to get into the doctors tomorrow evening so I hope to have some questions answered.


Have a great night everyone!

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