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Friday, April 27, 2012

I’ll have some Iron with a side of Iron please.

An update.

After I wore a heart holster for a 24 hour period which was supposed to monitor my heart rate and any activity I did I headed back to the doctor yesterday morning. I headed back because my doctor received my blood work back from Monday and found that I was even MORE anemic ( lack of iron in my blood) than in Jan. Back in Jan they found my iron to be low and suggested I take an iron supplement. This decrease in my iron is concerning since I have actually been trying to get more iron and I've been taking the iron supplement. My doc ordered a follow up visit for yesterday morning.

My dad came down yesterday to go to the appointment with me. It was nice to have him. He asked a lot of good questions that I would not have thought to ask, and was very helpful with some information from when I was a baby that I would not have known. ( I was a premie – lots of past medical info) My doctor was pretty surprised that my iron levels had gone down even further, but did say that low iron and anemia can cause heart rate issues. She thought my crazy heart rate was completely related and then told me that the only reason I didn't feel as bad as I should given my numbers was because of my endurance as an athlete.

She wants me to see a blood doctor and perhaps get an iron or blood transfusion to boost my iron levels. She is also going to have me come in for more blood work to check that iron is not getting stored anywhere else in my body ( liver, spleen, kidney) although its doubtful.

I feel fine, tired, but overall I'm good. She said NO RUNNING only walking until I get in to see the hematologist.

I’m bummed about the running, but I also know that running feels pretty crummy right now and I don’t want to stress my system any more before I can be seen by a doctor.

In other happy news, Larabar came out with a new seasonal flavor  “ pineapple upside down cake” and I think its fantastic!! Try one if you see them at your local store. I found them at Whole Foods.
Happy Friday everyone! I am keeping it low key and productive.

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