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Monday, April 23, 2012

Heart Necklace

Hey everyone!

I hope you had a nice weekend. Mine was a busy one, but fun and entertaining.
Lets back up to Friday and then I will get rolling on the adventures of the weekend.

Friday morning I had my doctors appointment. It was my annual physical but I used the opportunity to explain about my heart rate/heart racing symptoms.
I didn’t see my actual doc for the visit but a nurse practitioner who I have seen before. She was very nice and took all of my concerns and questions very seriously.

At the end of my physical she had me do an EKG and told me that she wanted to test for under or overactive thyroid ( a simple blood test) and I go back tomorrow to get fitted for a heart holter which just records my heart for 24-48 hours to look for any changes or abnormalities. I thought this heart holter would be a little necklace of sorts ( don’t ask why I thought that) but it turns out it’s more than that and I might look a little silly around the gym in a tank top for a day or two. I might just keep my long sleeves on.
So, aside from all of this medical business I am still not running, I wont run until later this week once my tests are in and I hopefully have some answers. 

This weekend my friend Britton was back in town. She is moving to Boston this summer from Chicago and was here looking at apartments. Aside from the sticker shock at how much more expensive Boston is than Chicago I think she is happy with the new apartment she will be moving into come June! I cant wait to have her in the city!

We took it easy Friday night and tried out a new Mexican place in Union square. It wasn’t fantastic, but it was good and it was a fun evening with a live band and some great guacamole!
Saturday we headed downtown to check out the deals at Haymarket where I picked up a few veggies and some berries for only a couple dollars! We grabbed an ice cream to hold us over until lunch and then made it back to the apt in anticipation of meeting up with another realtor.

This gets interesting because technically Britton signed on an apt on Friday. She has until tue at 9am to decide if she wants it or not without losing any money so we spent the weekend still looking in case she found something she liked better. We headed over to meet with a realtor who we had talked to in the morning. Upon arriving he let us know that he must have “misspoke” when telling us he could meet and that he was in fact busy and wasn’t able to meet with us. Britton took this as a sign to perhaps just be happy with the apartment she found Friday and move on.

Saturday evening Greg, Matt and our friend Eric went to a concert by the band Fun and Britton and I headed into Harvard to meet up with a friend for dinner. After dinner we came back into Inman and met up with some of my good girlfriends for a drink and girl chatter for the rest of the night. It was a lot of fun!

Sunday was a lazy day, we went to spin in the morning and then grabbed burgers and basically just relaxed at home watching movies and talking.
Overall it was a busy weekend but with a boat load of fun thrown in for good measure.

I’m off to train a client and run a few more errands before meeting up with Gregs sister for lunch!!
Happy Monday!

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