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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Switch It Around

Monday was a rest day and Tuesday was supposed to be a 5 miler and strength training. Unfortunately I was more crunched for time than I realized so I switched y 5 miler for my 5 by 800s. I busted it out on the treadmill because it was really cold and damp outside.

I usually do my speed work on the track, but doing it on the treadmill was kinda fun. I started running my first 800 at around 6.5. This was too slow and I soon increased it to 6.7. I did the first two around 6.7 but then increasingly became bored and upped the speed to 7.2 for my last three to get them done faster. I walked about .15 to .2 miles in between to catch my breath and relax my legs. Overall, I really enjoyed these 800s. I felt fantastic when I was done and was ready to take on some strength training!

I did bench press, pulls ups, chest press, and core work before ending my workout with 45 jumps with a jump rope, 15 burpees, and 15 med ball slams with the 20lb weighted ball. I repeated this only twice because I was pretty drained of energy by the end.

Yesterday I woke up not feeling great. I ate breakfast like usual and then headed off to my 5:30 client. My tummy was grumbly and talking all morning and I definitely wasn’t feeling my best! I came home in between clients to try and nap but it wasn’t happening for me. I trained a few more, ran 5 very SLOW miles, worked 2-6 and then taught a spin class over at Government Center. 

I felt pretty horrible by then and had discovered I was also rocking a temp of around 100.5. Not ideal for teaching spin. I made it through the class and decided to take a taxi home. I wasn’t in the mood to take the T and then have to walk a mile home from Central.

I hoped in a taxi and ended up getting out half a mile from my house because his fast driving and swerving were making me more than ready to vomit in his nice yellow car.

I came home, ate some toast and called it a night around 9:15.

I still felt icky last night and a little this morning. I taught spin anyways this am and then had a client. I drank lots of water and came home and made some oatmeal. I wasn’t sure it was going to settle well, but it seems fine…maybe its because I haven’t move yet? I don’t know.

Not sure if I will run my planned 4 miles for today. We will see how I feel in the next hour. After that we have a work lunch meeting, then I have clients.

Tonight is also family dinner so I really hope my tummy gets with the program soon so I can enjoy whatever is on the menu tonight! I heard a rumor it was spaghetti squash! I’m a big fan of spaghetti squash so I’ll be pretty bummed if I have to eat toast instead!

Happy Thursday everyone! Stay healthy!

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