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Sunday, March 25, 2012

D.C continued

Sorry there was such a long time in between posts. I had a very busy work week since I was gone Friday and Monday for the trip to D.C!

Back to D.C:
Saturday night we went out to dinner around 7:30. We decided we wanted this to be our fancy meal of the trip so we headed up to K street. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant, I’ll have to ask Greg and get back to you, but I thought it was great.

The only downside was it seemed our server was fantastic while we were ordering our food, but as soon as we had made our decisions ( some based on HIS recommendations) he seemed to stop caring about us. He never once came over and asked how our meal was and we had to flag him down for dessert orders. Aside from this, I was very happy with our food! Matt had steak which he loved, Greg had crab cakes and I chose salmon. Since I had ran a zillion miles and then walked a bunch more I was in the mood for dessert. I don’t usually get dessert when we go out because I am usually too full but this time I was full and STILL wanted desert!

I ordered the coconut creme brulee which I was pretty excited for! The downside? Due to Saint Patricks Day the pastry chef decided it would be fun and festive to put green food coloring in my desert. This was okay for the outer area of the dish, but towards he middle the color became darker and very unappealing. I didn’t finish my desert, partly because I was full and partly because it just looked horrible and became unappealing very fast!

After dinner we met up with Emily, Amanda runningonwaffles, Her fiance Matt and their respective parents. We grab a quick drink before grabbing a taxi home. We were exhausted!

Sunday morning I woke up and headed down to the gym in our hotel to stretch and walk a little on the treadmill. I was pretty sore in my quads and knew I should stretch and move them a bit.

We headed out to brunch before starting our day at the museums. We went to the air and space museum first and then the Newseum ( museum of news). The air and space museum was great. The artifacts and the exhibits were fun and we found ourselves doing the interactive space adventure before we left. Greg and Matt were more adventurous than I was and chose to do a simulator that strapped them in and spun them upside down while they tried to shoot down other air craft ( at least that what I think they did). I found myself doing a simulator with a family of 4. Two kids, and their parents. Ours was a simulated take off and landing in space  ride. It was actually pretty fun but less intense than the one that Matt and Greg chose.

After Air and Space we grabbed a quick lunch before heading to the Newseum which I loved! They had pieces of the Berlin Wall and lots of exhibits of news throughout the years. I was fascinated. We ended up spending close to 2 hours walking around and reading.

After our museum time was up we met up with my college friend Krista for a drink before crashing for the night. It was great to see her and reconnect! I really miss her and was so happy we were able to meet up!

We left D.C Monday afternoon so we spent Monday morning running and site seeing. It was great weather and nice to see the sites one last time before we left.

This past week has been a busy one. My training schedule was all mixed up. It looked a little something like this…
Monday: 4 miles
Tuesday: Spin and 3 miles
Wednesday: Strength train, spin, and 4 miles ( loooong day)
Thurs: Spin and 4 miles
Friday: 5 miles.
Sat: rest
Sunday: I am supposed to do 10 miles today so hopefully the rain clears up soon so I can make this happen, otherwise its getting pushed to tomorrow.

Again, these are spin classes that I teach, not chose to take. Its great cross training, but it makes my legs pretty tired some days.
Happy weekend everyone! Sorry for the ridiculously long post!

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