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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Planning ahead

This past weekend I was home in VT. I had a 3 mile run planned for Sat and a 10 min run planned for Sunday…I didn’t do either. I’m slightly embarrassed that I couldn’t force myself out of the house to run, but I also had a headache which made me feel like my head had a heartbeat for most of the weekend ( I.E throbbing). 

Sunday I had every intention of going for my 10, however it was raining and cold when I woke up…so I waited, and then I went shopping instead. What a running role model I am huh?

This week is back on track. No messing around. I need these not runs so I can survive the full. I think my body was just tired and overworked the past few weeks so I figured in the long run I might have done it a favor by not pushing it.

Now I’m back and ready to roll. This concept includes registering for a few more races before the big kahuna the end of May.

Capital City Half Marathon May 5th. - I ran this race in 2009 as my very first half EVER! I had no idea what I was doing and I  ran for fun and to finish. I’m really tempted to go back and see what I can do on this flat fast course now.

Cox Providence Rhode Races Half Marathon May 5th – I’ve never done this one before and its cheaper and easier to get to than Ohio. Both are great reasons to stay local. 

Not sure which I'll end up with, but I think I NEED a race to look forward too. Has anyone done or plans on doing either half?
I also looked into the Flying Pig in Cincinnati the weekend of May 5-6, but flights were pretty expensive so I'm not sure it's going to be an option.

Also, I found a 20 mile race up in VT that I think Matt and I will both do as a training run for the full. It’s the 3rd Annual Adamant 20 Miler Run or Relay up in Montpelier VT. I’m pretty sure we will do this one as long as nothing crazy happens with our training.
I think I needed races to keep me pushing myself and to keep myself interested in long runs, especially when the weather can’t make up its mind between summer and winter!

This week looks like this:

Tue: run 5 miles, spin, strength train
Wed: Hills ( with Stacy) and 6 by 800s ( probably on the dreadmill)
Thurs: spin and 5 miles
Fri: rest/yoga
Sat: 8 miles
Sunday:21 miles

I might end up switching this week with the following week as I think I will be home in VT again this coming weekend and its tricky to find 21 miles worth of running around where I live. I might try it anyhow. Anyone else going to be in Southern VT and want to run?
.Happy Tuesday everyone!

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