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Friday, May 4, 2012

Next year.

Hi everyone!

Its been a busy and slightly stressful week around here, but nothing I cant handle. I’m still battling with my recent anemia issues, but taking it in stride, and basically following any and all orders the doctors give me. Sounds like a recipe for bigger red blood cells and more energy huh? I sure hope so!

It has been wonderful to have such amazing family and friends around this week. I really appreciate all of the nice emails, cards, FLOWERS, and messages I’ve received this week. I am truly a very lucky person! It is so nice to feel so thought about and loved when life gets a little stressful and you feel like you are losing a little control.

 As it turns out May is shaping up to be a very busy month. There are wedding showers to go to, a mothers day to celebrate, and a few fun iron infusions to round out the month. Unfortunately the one thing that is missing is running, the BIG run to be exact. I haven’t been talking much about running since I haven’t been doing any of it lately, but Wednesday I finally stopped pretending and faced the fact that the Vermont City Marathon is not going to happen this year. Not in any way… no walking 26.2 miles, no running 26.2 miles, and no combination of the two. I will run it next year, and hopefully get through the training cycle without any iron problems

I was pretty bummed out, and yes I cried when I had to hit the “defer” button but I also know better than to even pretend my body is in any shape to handle the race. I am looking for a potential race in Nov, but again I am waiting until the end of this month or beginning of June to sign up for anything. Usually not running makes me really moody and crabby, but I tend to believe I am taking this round of no-running in stride. Greg miiiight say otherwise, but maybe we just shouldn’t ask him.

I do miss running, I miss it a lot actually. I am anxiously waiting until I feel better and have the energy, and stamina to bust out a happy sweaty run with anyone who wants to join. Until then I will keep you updated on all of the fun things I am doing with my non running filled time!

Happy Friday!

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