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Monday, May 14, 2012

Doggiesitting and much more

Happy Monday everyone!!

A lot has happened since i last posted so I think the best way to go about todays post is in bullet point form to get everyone all caught up. ( yes I like to pretend my life is that fascinating!)

* I got a new Camera! Finally!! Its a Cannon Powershot  ELPH 300 HS. All that stuff after the word powershot doesn't really mean anything to me yet, but Greg assured me this was a good camera and for a great price so I own it now! He should sell cars...
 I haven't played around with the camera too much yet, but i am pretty excited to be able to document fun things in my life again!

* My hard drive crashed on my computer. Sad. This is why there are no pictures yet taken with above mentioned camera. I knew my computer was getting older and its hard its fair share of problems over the past year, but this was the big one!

If anyone has any computer recommendations I will HAPPILY take them!

* We babysat a dog overnight!

Greg and I are going to be dog-sitting for 3 weeks in Aug so the owners wanted us to take the big guy for a night before then just to make sure everyone meshed well together. Well guess what? We did, and I am IN LOVE! The dog is still a puppy, ( he will be 2 in Aug) and is such a happy, entertaining dog. His name is Casper and he is a white lab, roughly the same size as me. I think that having a dog for 3 weeks will be a challenge at times, but I also think it will be so so fun! I can't wait!!

* I discovered that Costco has soft serve ice cream the size of my head for only a dollar and a half! I realize this is not really that important, but I was so excited yesterday after our spending spree at Costco to end the trip with a huge ice cream! Perfect. I love Costco!

* No running....YET! I am going to the doctor tomorrow for my 3rd infusion and for a blood test. Hopefully this will mean my iron levels are UP and i can RUN LIKE THE WIND!! I am only a little bit excited about this concept! :)

* We had wonderful weather this weekend. This lead to lots of time with friends, grilling, and also going to Home Depot to purchase plants, pots, and soil to make our own little garden on the back porch! Hopefully I will soon be talking of basil, mint, green beans, and many other fun and happy herbs and veggies!

I'm off to finish some laundry and get back to work!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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