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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tough Cereal

Hey everyone,

Yesterday upon arriving home from the grocery store I made a huge discovery. I usually eat yogurt, fruit, toast, cottage cheese, things like this for breakfast. Greg almost always has cereal. His cereal of choice for almost as long as we have been dating has been Shredded Mini Wheats. He did go through a phase in college where he ate Smart Start, but reverted back to the little wheat squares soon after.

Why am I telling you this? Well, on my quest to get more iron into my diet I have been trying to eat some cereal in the morning. I have fallen for every gimmick there is on cereal boxes promising fortified anything. 

I ate a box of Kixx ( 40% of my daily iron) last week and then when I was at the store last night I grabbed another different box of cereal also promising 40% of my daily iron! I also grabbed Greg a box of his cereal as I almost always do whenever I’m at the store. 

I came home and while I was putting the boxes away I noticed something… Gregs cereal has 90% of your recommended daily iron!! I was shocked! How could I have not known this? All these years he has been iron man and I have been fruit girl. 

I told Greg and he laughed saying he probably got 180% of his daily iron because no one eats just ONE serving of cereal.

 I might be hopping on his shredded wheat bandwagon more often now.

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